Dinesh Kothari
Dinesh Kothari Image Credit: Supplied

Could you share your thoughts on how your schools have adapted to evolving trends in the education sector, both in the Indian and British curriculum segments?

The question is so correct about how schools have adapted to evolving trends. Certainly, the education sector is continuously going through changes introducing new ideas and new methodologies. Our senior leadership teams have always participated in seminars to learn about the changes taking place in the education sector. For example, our principals interact regularly with principals of schools worldwide, and attend principal training courses held in London and Miami. This way we understand and are aware of the latest trends and incorporate them in our existing system.

Secondly, a reasonable budget is allotted for technical enhancement and investments in technology, including metaverse and AI.

What strategies have you employed to maintain your Indian curriculum schools' competitiveness and meet the needs of the community?

Demand for Indian schools is growing and the fact our schools are highly sought-after with a huge wait list of students proves that we have invested well in ensuring that we impart high quality education. We also ensure on a regular basis that we are able to meet the global standards of expectation, demands and needs of both parents and students in providing high quality education.

We remain abreast with new education policies introduced by CBSE and we move a step forward to ensure that we are ahead of our competitors. Trust me, this is the only way to be ahead of competitors.

Our results of various benchmarking tests such as PISA, ASSET, and PRILL exams speak volumes of our quality education.

What unique features or offerings do your British curriculum schools, South View School and Victory Heights Primary School, bring to the educational landscape in Dubai?

Each school has its own mission and vision. Our mission has always been to ensure that we provide a friendly educational environment with top-quality faculty and strong leadership. This is what the parents and students look for when they select a school. The fact that Victory Heights Primary School has been rated Outstanding in just 10 years of its presence speaks for itself that there is something special about this school. It's a happy school, a happy place, a school where children want to come not only to learn but also enjoy learning.

South View School, a secondary school, is a young member in the family, with an outstanding faculty team. Here we provide a range of extracurricular activities like gardening, swimming, ECAS and many other skill development activities, which keeps us ahead of competitors.

What motivated your decision to expand into the British curriculum sector, alongside your established presence in Indian schools?

It is very natural that every person wants to do something more than what he has been doing for years. I will not be able to tell our students to dream big and do more if I do not set an example myself and demonstrate it to them. As both our DPS schools in Sharjah and Dubai reached a commendale level of maturity; we decided to expand further and diversify by venturing into the British curriculum segment. The 'Outstanding' ratings validate the fact that we are on the right path. 

We established the fact that we are not only an Indian curriculum group, but we have the strength to do well in other sectors as well.

Are there any specific areas or initiatives you're considering for further expansion or development?

Plans for the future include setting up more schools. We have received the academic permit from KHDA to set up another campus for Victory Heights Primary School and the school will be functional from September 2025.

We have also signed a lease with Dubai Holdings for a large plot in Mudon for an IB school which will be ready and functional in the year 2026.

These are currently the two specific areas of expansion for our future schools. As we go along, we will explore more opportunities to expand our operations in Indian and British curricula. To supplement this, we have acquired Brooklyn Melodies & Music Center (BMMC) which will provide our students with a unique opportunity to specialise in music.

Our commitment extends beyond mere expansion, our primary goal is to provide education of the highest quality,  one that aligns with the vision and mission of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. We are dedicated to realising President His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s vision of the UAE becoming a global leader in education. We will play our part as partners in this transformative journey.