We asked you if you would buy Fulla for your child. Here's what you think. And, oh yes, we had responses from the little ones as well.

A clean way to grow
Parents want their growing child to emulate good qualities and be away from things they don't understand at that tender age.

What does a child understand about the revealing clothes and extremely short outfits that Barbie wears? 

So parents prefer to give their kids a clean atmosphere. The qualities they imbibe at a tender age will remain with them for rest of their lives.
A reader

A respectable option
I don't like Barbie dolls because of the dresses they wear. I am from Pakistan and wanted to buy something special for my daughter, who is a little over 5 years.

When I saw the story on Fulla in Tabloid today, I thought it would make a good gift for my daughter.  Fulla in two different and attractive dresses was looking very pretty and being a Muslim, I was happy with the change.

My daughter is little but likes to dress up with jewellery etc. And she will be very happy to see the new Barbie. The doll looks respectable for all - not just Muslims. And for Muslim parents, it is an easy way to transmit culture and religious ethics to their children.
Amir Jamil 

Barbie is supposed to be girly
What's Barbie when she is all wrapped up, anyway? She is supposed to be girlie and very la la la.

The right values
I would definitely buy a Fulla for my child because I love my daughter and want to teach her the right Islamic values from childhood. This will help her to know and treasure her religion and understand it from a tender age so as not to be confused later on in life.

Covering up is good
We observe the hijab (cover) at home and it would be shameless to have Barbie in all those revealing clothes while we practise something completely different.

In fact, according to a recent poll in Britain, 34 per cent of men think it's a woman's fault if she's raped because she is probably sexily clad or drunk. And that's exactly what Islam has been preaching all these years - cover your women and keep them away from prying eyes and unsolicited advances.

Having a decently-dressed Fulla in our homes will teach our daughters from a very young age that you can do the in Hijab and still look beautiful.
Sukaina Hussein

There's no comparison
Well, I will not buy the Arabic Barbie (Fulla) because the real doll that we have known since ages is the original Barbie without any changes in her wonderful dresses.  Fulla can be another character, another doll but not one that should be related or compared with Barbie.

A good decision
I am very pleased that finally we have got such a cute doll upholding Islamic values. In fact, I prefer it instead of Barbie because we are all Muslims. Barbie is part of the propaganda of European countries and the United States to influence children with their culture. I think it's a good decision to launch the doll.
Muzaffar Hussain

She represents tradition
I spend my time between Spain and New York and would prefer to buy Fulla because she represents value and traditions. Unfortunately, Barbie teaches our daughters that in order to be happy one most be blonde and perfect and her appearance is all that is cool, fashionable, and dumb. I have a daughter who is 14 years old and I would like to raise her with values. Unfortunately, the western sophisticated world has lost them.
Ingrid Naranjo

A way to spread knowledge
I have already bought two Fullas and sent them to my nieces in Canada. My sister-in-law called from Vancouver to describe Fulla, which she had seen in an advertisement. Since I lived in the Middle East, she thought it would make a great present for my nieces Katie and Sarah, aged 5 and 3. They love dolls and have many Barbies. My sister-in-law thought it would be a good way of showing the girls what other girls their age played with in this part of the world.
Roberta Blakely 

A role model
Given a choice, I would purchase Fulla the Arab Barbie because she exudes a different personality. Not all people can relate with the Barbie personality who keeps going to discos. Besides, Fulla can also be a role model for young people because she respect her parents and she's kind to her friends.
Phia Silvestre

Image of a Muslim girl
I like Fulla because she dressed up in a Hijab. Whenever I go shopping, I buy other toys instead of dolls. Being a Muslim and since I go to offer prayers with my mom, I realise that this is the way we should cover ourselves and I love it.

That's why I like Fulla. Since she resembles a Muslim girl, we know how we should dress up at that age. I also asked my parents to tell me what the other good things Muslims should do. I thank the manufacturers for  creating a doll that is the real image of a Muslim girl.
Khadija Asif Sumar, 5 years

Where can I get Fulla?
I would like to buy a Fulla doll. Any chance of me getting one in the United States or Europe?
K. Hummel

My wife loves and collects Barbie dolls. She is all for fulla. Where can I get one?
A reader

It's a cultural thing
The topic about Fulla and Barbie was quite interesting, but isn't it obvious that an Arab parent would like to have a Fulla for their child?Children learn quite a lot from their toys. Fulla teaches us to be kind, well-dressed, loving, respectful, honest etc. In my opinion, Fulla is the best for kids in the Arab world.

But what about Barbie? I don't mean to offend Fulla but Barbie is also Fulla's equal. Arab culture is very different from European culture and you can't blame Barbie for having a boyfriend because it's part of her culture. If you look at her from the Arab viewpoint, she is, of course, a shameless girl. But if you look at her from the European point of view, she is adorable.
Anam Wilayat

Fulla is a sensible doll
I'd choose Fulla, because she is a sensible doll, and she sets a good example for young UAE national girls, because she shows them ways to wear an abaya. Fulla is beautiful with her lovely hazel eyes. She's unique, because she's the Middle East's ?personal doll'. I am pleased to hear that Fulla is also a best-selling doll.

Fulla is a great collector's item, and when I will go back to my home country, South Africa, I can show all my friends this lovely doll. The creators of Fulla have original ideas. Fulla has a good chance of being successful in the future.

A message for mum
It will always be difficult for a 10-year-old girl like me to choose between exotic dolls like Barbie and Fulla. I have always played with Barbies, but Fulla seems just the right doll to play with in the UAE. The citizens of UAE feel hurt when they see a woman in revealing clothes.

Fulla is made for the Middle East. I like Barbie more as I can do many things with her and she comes in many fashions and styles. I have a Barbie in beach wear with an umbrella which squirts water (Rain n Sun Barbie). I have another Barbie whose hair changes colour from golden blond to a vivid pink when I blow her hair with a special hair dryer (Salon Surprise Barbie).

These kinds of Barbies have always fascinated me. Being a bookworm, I have always liked to read Barbie comics and books. I adore her younger sisters Skipper, Stacie, Kelly and Shelly as I find them full of fun. I also like Barbie movies like Barbie in the Nutcracker.

Fulla does not offer such an extensive range of styles, books and movies. Though I sometimes think I am too old for dolls, I love all my Barbies nevertheless. I would love to own a Fulla also. Mum, are you listening?
Lavanya Malhotra, Grade 5

For Fulla
I'd definitely go for Fulla. I'm sure she would be the perfect choice for my daughter. A simple reason is that I can't explain to my daughter why her Barbie wears a short skirt  while her mother doesn't when she goes out.
A reader