The people of Dubai never cease to amaze me. There are times when I fret and fume at the arrogance of some, the futile nitpicking of others, the Machiavellian egotists and the termagants.

Then along comes a week like the last one when I am deeply touched by the humility of a VVIP and the very gracious empathy of hundreds of XPRESS readers who rallied around to help a little girl called Radhika to get a life–changing operation.

It would be politically incorrect for me to go into details on the VVIP. However, I can't stop talking about the generosity of the people of this fair city. The donors to Radhika's operation cut across all nationalities and all social classes.

There was the rich man who wanted to give a lot and the just made redundant man who wanted to help with whatever he could afford. I laughed at myself for getting close to the edge of pessimism and I cried that I could redeem my optimism.

This was not giving under duress; this was free-willed and anonymous; the best kind of “giving'' in my book. Across the city there are thousands I find, who volunteer at special needs schools, take care of the sick, the destitute, the abused, the helpless… all faceless, who never ask for anything except when they are asking for funds to help other people.

Most of us give every day to our families and friends; of our time, cash, self and sometimes our patience because charity begins at home but I find this “must give because we love'' way of giving very unhealthy because often it builds resentment and negativity. Giving freely however, just because we want to, is tremendously uplifting.

Do you remember the feeling you got from simply smiling and nodding at a total stranger, when you tipped the petrol station attendant, when you thanked the waitress who brought you your coffee or when you simply bought a present for your lovely daughter just because you wanted to?

I've been told a hundred times that giving freely is a great character building exercise which expands your ability to love, be unselfish, develop a sense of abundance that begins with you and goes around and around for eternity. Will you be starting that eternal circle today?

Your comments

This is with reference to your article about Radhika who is suffering from apert syndrome. As per your article it says she is short of funds and we at Baskin Robbins are doing our best to support her with the funds that she needs. We hope to collect Dh20,000 for Radhika. Baskin Robbins, along with the support of Insportz and Western Union are organizing a one day cricket tournament at Insportz on the 29th May 09. We have been doing this event for the last 3years. We help the patients identified by The Valley of Love, a charitable organization. By God's grace we collected an amount of Dh.90,000 last year. To participate in this event, you can call on 04-3475833 and get in touch with Myron or Mahesh or you can call Manoj 050-5386961.
Manoj, UAE - Dubai
Posted: May 20, 2009, 10:42

A reminder to all of us. It would be great if help reaches the girl at the earliest so that the surgery can be done within the stipulated time
Anonymous, UAE - Dubai
Posted: May 20, 2009, 09:22