Hassan Sharif, Abdul Rahman Al Ma'aini and Mohammad Ahmad Ibrahim may not be in the same league as some of the more popular Emirati artists, but they certainly know how to make head turns with their creations.

And that's precisely what they did at an Emirati art exhibition hosted by Mashreq Gold at Dubai Internet City on Wednesday afternoon.

While Sharif drew applause for his fascinating creations made entirely of tea forks and spoons, Al Ma'aini and Ibrahim left the viewers in trance with their abstract images and sculptures.

All three artists were from The Flying House, a non profit institution which promotes contemporary Emirati artists.
Set up in 2007, The Flying House has a collection of artworks representative of the Emirati art movement since the early Seventies.

“We are delighted at the success of our tie-up with Mashreq Gold, as it has given us the platform to promote the local art culture. Not only has it provided visibility to artists by displaying their work, but this exhibition has given them an opportunity to engage with other professionals who share an understanding and love of the art,'' said Abdul Raheem Sharif, Founder and CEO of The Flying House.

“Our aim is not just to provide financial solutions to customers but to encourage an appreciation of fine art, heritage and culture. Through this exhibition, we have reinforced our promise to customers to provide them inherent value by making available projects that improve the quality of life,'' said Omar Asghar, Head of Wealth Management, Mashreq.