A Ruff Reaction

TV show host and former Miss World 2nd Princess Ruffa Gutierrez is involved in yet another controversy. Last week the former beauty queen turned actress shot herself in the foot by airing her sentiments about being snubbed by semi-retired actress Lani Mercado, wife of actor-politician Senator Bong Revilla.

Ruffa (pictured) made a fuss about Lani avoiding her just as she was about to greet her with a kiss. Her "perfectly pouted lips" left hanging in the air, Ruffa was puzzled by the snub.
The answer came when Lani's controversial manager Lolit Solis said that Lani had every right to do so because she was the legal wife.

Implicitly, Lolit confirmed a past tryst between Ruffa and Bong, noted for being a womaniser.

Far from over

This issue is far from being over, because Ruffa's feisty mum, Anabelle Rama, came to her daughter's defence. Anabelle challenged the talent manager for disrespecting her daughter, her family and their decades-old friendship. This could be another epic saga of feisty verbal exchanges. We'll keep you posted.

For most of last year, Ruffa was the subject of many news headlines about the nasty break-up of her tumultuous marriage to Turkish businessman Ylmas Bektas.

It figures

Top-rating programmes will soon be axed on GMA 7. Although popular, the contract for one of the syndicated
game shows is good for only one season, while the other game show has to give way to a come-back game show
popularised by the network.

The number of actresses who have played the role of Dyesebel, a movie about a mermaid based on a comics
series popularised by noted writer Mars Ravelo. However, Marian Rivera will be the first Dyesebel on TV
which is expected to be another top-rater for the country's hottest young star today.

The age of Josh Adornado, a child singing wonder who was recently declared the grand champion at the sixth
International Nile Song Festival in Cairo, Egypt.

dollars, the amount of money taken from the Wells Fargo bank account of boxing champion and Pinoy Records
host Manny Pacquiao. The perpetrators, a couple close to the People's Champ, admitted to the felony and
asked for Manny's forgiveness. The true champion that he is, Manny relented.

Even the good looking ones don't always get the girl

Rumours circulated weeks ago that young actor Polo Ravales told some friends that he fancied an actress.
With his good looks you would think he would be a bit more aggressive, but it appears that this leading man material currently starring in a top-rated noon-time show is a bit bashful when it comes to ladies.

Now he apparently has the hots for soap star Jean Garcia.
By the look of it, Polo is not only a timid guy, he also seems to be going for more mature women. His last relationship was with Ara Mina, who is years older than he is. Perhaps Polo needs to be a bit more upfront with girls next time.

Cheers and jeers

Another Filipino American is making waves in Hollywood. Her name? TV Carpio (above), who plays the role of Prudence in the musical flick Across the Universe. Besides acting, TV, whose full name is Teresa Victoria Carpio, also sings and is a former ice skater. She was also part of the acclaimed Broadway musical Rent.

Three cheers as well to Mercedes Cabral who was recently chosen by award-winning director Park Chan-wook to play an important role in the horror film Thirst. Park won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival for Oldboy.

Meanwhile, thumbs down to the producers of Pirates Blood, a film being shot in Oman, for failing to meet Isabel Granada's talent fees. The Filipina actress is still hopeful she will get her money soon. Apparently, some investors backed out of the production.