EURO 2020 official match ball
The official Euro 2020 ball, "Uniforia". Image Credit: AFP

After a year-long delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most anticipated sporting events kicks off tomorrow: the UEFA European Championship or Euro 2020.

Click start to play today’s Crossword, which is the first in our Euro 2020 series. It will take you down memory lane with trivia about the history of this tournament.

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In the football world, the Euro 2020 is second only to the Fifa World Cup. Fans around the world were disappointed when the global pandemic forced the postponement of the event, which usually takes place every four years. But now, it’s back on track with 24 elite teams ready to play for the Euro Cup.

If, like me, you were wondering why it’s still being called Euro 2020 and not 2021, it’s because the Executive Committee of Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), which is European football’s governing body, ruled that the tournament would retain its original name as a reminder of how the sports community pulled together to get through the tough year. It also has to do with the cost and waste involved in changing all the branding and merchandise that already has the words ‘Euro 2020’ on it.

Even as we look forward to tomorrow’s first game between Turkey and Italy, see how far the tournament has come, with today’s Crossword. Can you name the winner of Euro 1960, the very first European championship (1-Across)? Or the Man of the Match in the 2012 Euro final, which Spain won by beating Italy 4-0 (2-Down)?

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