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Afshan Rizwan : Once my pet cat, Louis, had a major health issue and I rushed with him to the hospital. He seemed in great pain and every moment was truly scary as I thought I might lose him.

Isabel Sera Shinoy: When I was around 6 years old, my sister and I used to ride our bikes almost every day. Our parents always warned us to ride on the sidewalk. However, once I ignored the warning and rode on the road, and very nearly got hit by a car.

Sunanda Mohan: My 13-year-old son was on a trip to Italy from the school when we got a call from the accompanying teacher that kids in one room were not opening the door in the morning despite several knocks. My son was in that room. Later we found that the kids were tired after a long night and they had slept off. They opened the door after a while. That was a scary moment in my life.

Lebanah M.Shaji: When I was in grade 2, I was in swimming class and I was asked to jump from the high board. But once I stepped on it, I felt nervous and I didn’t want to jump. However, I finally did, with great reluctance, and I felt the world just stop around me. That was the scariest moment of my life.

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Carolyn Liz Jemy: I once went on a rollercoaster called Power Puff Girls, and even though it has the name of a cartoon series it was terrifying.

Amtesh K Kohli: My scariest moment was on the glass slide in the Sky Walk Dubai. It was a heart-pounding experience. As you step onto the slide, you experience a sensation of flying in thin air and seeing the dizzying drop beneath my feet sent shivers down my spine. The mesmerising view will always be a beautiful memory. I believe I shouted at the top of my voice!

Yagana Kausar: The scariest moment for me was when I received a response from my dream university where I had applied. I was really terrified of opening the mail fearing I had been rejected. But after a few minutes of absolute terror I finally opened the mail and was delighted to find that I had been accepted.

Avni Ramesh: One scary moment I experienced was when I went to IMG world with my friends and got on a roller coaster. I was extremely nervous but after the ride the fear disappeared.

Parnika: Once while returning from a trip outdoors in the desert, our car got stuck in the sand. The sun had set and we were getting very worried and scared. Luckily, a savior drove by in a large truck and helped us tow the car out of the sand.

Lekha Nair: Once, when I was on a holiday in my home town in Kerala, my cousin and I went to play by a pond near our house. While playing my cousin slipped and fell into the pond. I was terrified and screamed for help. Luckily some people were close by and rushed and saved him.

Nayanika Sharma: A few years ago, I was at playing in my room when I mistakenly ended up locking the door from inside. I tugged and tugged but could not open the door and then started screaming for my mother. She too tried but could not open the door. Finally my dad had to return home and with the help of the watchman broke the lock.