A drone shot of artwork by artist David Popa
A drone shot of artwork by artist David Popa Image Credit: @david_popa_art/Instagram

Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or just starting to explore your creative side, following artists on the platform is a good idea for some #artinspo or art inspiration. Many artists use the social media platform to talk about their creative process and share stunning works of art. Here are five exceptional artists, each with a unique style and story to tell, who will leave you mesmerised and wanting more:


Ememem is an anonymous French street artist based in Lyon, who create mosaics incorporating geometric motifs in cracked sidewalks and façades, a process they call flacking. Ememem creates art at night, so that it is generally discovered at dawn.


A Venezuelan artist who frequently transforms everyday objects in the streets of Caracas into multi-coloured robotic figures.

David Popa

Popa is a New York-based artist whose work uses all natural pigments mixed only with the source water to create site-specific, ephemeral earth-works captured through the eye of a drone. The large-scale work Popa paints, mostly on islands/islets, are documented and portrayed through photography, short films and most recently as NFTs (Unique Digital Works of Art). He is represented by Mtart Agency, one of the world’s leading art agencies.

Popa’s work seeks to enter into the realm of anthropology as it relates to origin, nature and the destiny of human beings. By using natural pigments such as charcoal, earth pigments and ground shells, he uses the same raw materials that would have been used in the earliest cave paintings 40,000 years ago. Early cave-painters are assumed to have gone to great lengths to not only collect and create these pigments, but also to create the works within the deep caves they reside in.

Choi So-young

Choi So-young is a Korean artist from Busan, South Korea, who uses old denim sourced from second-hand shops. She designs elaborate urban landscapes, detailing it with buttons, seams, and pockets, creating bustling cityscapes.

Fans usually find her realistic portrayals of high-rise buildings, remarkable.

According to Instagram account catastrophe.off, which promotes artists profiles, “before turning 30, the Korean artist had sold over $2 million (Dh7,345,800) of her work at auctions, a milestone matched only by Gao Yu from China and Jean-Michael Basquiat”.

Louise Fili

Louise is an award-winning designer and art director. The New York City-based artist specialises in hand lettering and typography.

According to the US-based online magazine, eyemagazine.com: “For three decades Fili has been documenting and organising the forgotten signs of Italy on storefronts and buildings, preserving these disappearing arts for her own personal archive, and these regular pilgrimages to Italy continue to shape her taste, her aesthetic, her manners and etiquette.”