Gautam Patel with his wife Prerna and granddaughter Maya outside their home in Dubai. Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulfnews

Every week, Gulf News will give voice to stakeholders of Dubai to hear their thoughts on what makes Dubai special and why the emirate should host the 2020 World Expo.

This week, we speak to Gautam Patel, an Indian businessman and community leader who has been in the UAE since 1978. 

“Dubai is my home away from home. I’ve been living here for more than three decades now. This is the place where my family has grown—all four generations now — and believe me no one in my family seems to be in any mood to call it a day. Life has just been so good to us here in the emirate.

“Dubai has so many facets that set it miles apart from other countries. Developed infrastructure, facilities for wireless connectivity, not to mention support facilities and a diverse demographic population, all coupled with high standards in the hospitality sector are just a few of Dubai’s credentials that make its proposition for the bid strong.

“I believe Expo 2020 will benefit one and all. It will lead to a systematic growth and contribute to the image of Dubai as a preferred destination for travel, tourism and commerce. There are still other countries out there that have yet to experience the charm and hospitality Dubai can offer and Expo 2020 will be a good catalyst on this front.

“Inshallah, my family and I hope to be in Dubai until then to continue enjoying the best of the east and west.”