A water-like iridescent creature, Moy will accompany visitors on their journey inside the pavilion. Image Credit: Supplied

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) as the national flagship institution with an independent pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, introduce the Pavilion Mascot inspired by the theme University of the Future (UoF) on Thursday.

A water-like iridescent creature, Moy will accompany visitors on their journey inside the pavilion. Moy is named after the Emirati word for water as it draws its purpose from the worth of water in life, to be resourceful, selfless, dynamic and dependable.

Prof. Ghaleb Alhadrami Albreiki, Acting Vice-Chancellor, said: “The character of Moy is our way to represent the forthcoming vision of UAEU and to introduce the future that the university is working towards to the world. It also reflects the direction of the university to be the university of choice for undergraduate and graduate studies, research, training, and lifelong learning. Moy’s character will present the changes that the university is working on to develop its innovative educational system, and will summarise it for the visitors of the UAEU pavilion through its journey of progress and sustainable development, with a focus on research, studies, and the developing of its academic programs that are compatible with the future labor market. It will also present the establishment of a strong workforce in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A workforce that is capable of contributing to the knowledge economy and the fourth industrial revolution”.

Dr Abdulla Al Khatib, Member of the UAEU Expo 2020 team added: "The word "moy" actually means "Wave" in Emirati dialect and in some other dialects "water", mainly the Saudi-closed region. This is the prime reason of why I suggested the name. It blends well with the current trend of brands having short, funny and strange names. Moy also represents both, wave and water, as they are both shapeless, resilient, strong, flexible, and unbreakable. This fits the meaning of the UoF and what we aim for perfectly”.

Moy is an epitome of the UoF’s vocation to guide and enable pathfinders to expand, extend, enhance, and sustain life.

UAEU Pavilion’s mascot, Moy, will be welcoming all the visitors to the enticing experience of the pavilion when Expo 2020 kicks off in October.