Money Heist: Korea
'Money Heist: Korea' Image Credit: Netflix

The wait is almost over for part two of ‘Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area’, which release on Netflix on December 9.

In the run-up to the release, the streamer has shared a teaser to give fans a peek at what they can expect next.

The video shows “Hahoe mask-wearing burglars carrying out the Professor’s master plan, as he is going to ‘let the world know who the real thieves are,’” a statement from Netflix read. “Even if everything is falling apart and the authorities are closing in on them in Part 2, the illustrious thieves assembled by the Professor have one final chance to escape when the series returns.”

The Korean remake of the smash hit Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel’ follows eight thieves as they stage a heist at a mint in the newly unified zone between North and South Korea.

Part 2 consists of six episodes, each directed by Kim Hong-Sun. ‘Money Heist: Korea’ stars Ji-tae as the Professor, Kim Yunjin as Inspector Seon Woojin, Park Hae-soo as Berlin and Jun Jong-seo as Tokyo.

The first part of the heist series released on June 24 and went straight to the top of the Global Non-English Top 10.

“As a big fan of the original Spanish series, I felt intrigued to tell this vibrant story in a Korean context,” said writer Ryu Yong-jae in an earlier statement.

“The geopolitical element of a North and South Korea on the verge of reunification adds to the powder keg of tension that makes the original so beloved,” said Keo Lee, Director of Content, Netflix Korea, at an earlier panel. “We were very lucky when we received this pitch from Ryu and the producing team, which felt like the right framework for a remake that would be respectful to the original while bringing something new that fans in Korea and globally would appreciate.”