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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 10: Milo Ventimiglia attends NBC's "This Is Us" Pancakes with the Pearsons at 1 Hotel West Hollywood on August 10, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. Rachel Luna/Getty Images/AFP == FOR NEWSPAPERS, INTERNET, TELCOS & TELEVISION USE ONLY == Image Credit: AFP

Actor Milo Ventimiglia has an idea about how his popular show ‘This Is Us’ will end, and he says keeping the secret is like a “carrying a nuclear football”.

“I know the far-off [on how ‘This Is Us’ will end], but that’s also what I’ve been told. So, things can always change. It’s a newspaper. You got to wait and see what’s going to happen. But what I do know? I mean it is really, truly beautiful,” Ventimiglia said.

Does he like carrying the burden of knowing the end about the show, but not being able to reveal it? “No. Who does? It’s like carrying a nuclear football. It’s like this is the thing that destroys the world,” said the actor during his appearance on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’.

‘This Is Us’, also featuring Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Sterling K Brown and Chrissy Metz, revolves around the lives of a group of people with the same birthday, including Jack (Ventimiglia), whose wife, Rebecca (Moore), is expecting triplets in Pittsburgh.

The triplets are Kevin (Hartley), a handsome television actor growing bored of his fly bachelor lifestyle, Kate (Metz), his funny and sweet heavyset twin, and Randall (Sterling), a big shot commodities trader in search of his biological father. The show, aired in India on Star World, is also making headlines for incorporating complex emotions in the storyline, and throwing light on issues like male stereotyping in showbiz.

Some people want to know how it all ends, but many others would be furious if he gave out spoilers by revealing the end. What does he plan to do?

“I’m just going to shut my mouth now and not say a word. Actually, I don’t know anything. I’m just going to play a stupid actor,” he said on a lighter note.