Angelica Panganiban
Angelica Panganiban Image Credit: insta/iamangelicap

Versatile Filipia actress Angelica Panganiban, from the 'Love or Money' fame, took to social media to share heartbreaking news about struggles with her health.  

In a vlog, released on November 18, Angelica candidly disclosed that she's been diagnosed with avascular necrosis - a debilitating bone disease affecting her hip.

The actress, whose real name is Angelica Jane David Charlson, said she initially dismissed the consistent pain in her hip during the last six months of her pregnancy with her daughter - Amila Sabine. Angelica had then attributed the pain to common symptoms of pregnancy, reported Philippines media.

Persistent hip pain

Post-childbirth, as she resumed exercises, the persistent hip pain forced her to seek medical advice. It was only after a thorough diagnosis that she discovered her strenuous activities were exacerbating her condition.


During a trip to Palawan (a province in the Philippines) in March, with other celebrity friends, Angelica faced excruciating pain in her hip, rendering her immobile. Forced to cut short her holiday, she returned home and sought immediate medical attention. As she was breastfeeding at that time, doctors recommended therapy as an alternative to medication. However, after positively responding to therapy in the beginning, Angelica continued to feel recurring and intensified episodes of pain.

The actress, who entered the showbiz industry at the tender age of six, has since excelled in comedy, drama, and romanctic roles. She is determined to confront the challenges of avascular necrosis with resilience and determination.


What is avascular necrosis?

Avascular necrosis is a disease that results from the temporary or permanent loss of blood supply to the bone. When blood supply is cut off, the bone tissue dies and the bone collapses. If avascular necrosis happens near a joint, the joint surface may collapse.

What is the cause of avascular necrosis?

Avascular necrosis occurs when blood flow to a bone is interrupted or reduced. Reduced blood supply can be caused by: Joint or bone trauma. An injury, such as a dislocated joint, might damage nearby blood vessels.

The treatment procedure for the disease may be complemented with injections or bone grafts to facilitate the healing process.