Sheheryar Munawwar Siddiqi recently shared on Instagram an image from the Istanbul shoot of this year’s biggest hit ‘Parey Hut Love’, where he is seen with co-star Maya Ali, on a ferry. It is the climax shot, and the two are supposed to finally admit to being in love with eachother. Siddiqi had fun telling tales about how the two were “braving Istanbul winter winds that can pierce a hole through one’s chest, trying to keep their teeth from chattering so that their dialogues are audible.”

The handsome producer and actor added that the emotional scene was executed with Ali “actually crying because it was so cold.”

He tagged, Ali who was quick to retort, “Hahahaha alright I have to be honest, yes I was crying because of the never ending freezing wind, and when I saw you in cotton kurta and still being in character I cried more, and it helped Saniya [her screen name].”

It made for fun conversation, and at the same time reminded us that filming isn’t half as easy as it sometimes looks on screen. Meanwhile, PHL continues its successful run at the box office in Pakistan. The film has already grossed more than PKR 200 million.