GWSN Groo Meaning
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Rookie K-Pop girl group GWSN has announced their official fandom name and colours via VLive, South Korean live video streaming service.

Fans of the band, also known as Gongwon Sonyeo or Girls in the Park, will be referred to as Groo, which loosely translates to “stump” in Korean.

“A tree comes up to your mind when you think of Groo in Korean, and trees cannot be separated from the park,” said member Lena. “So our fan club name Groo means people who always support us and are together with us, like under a tree where people can relax.”

The group’s official colours that represent GWSN and their fandom include pink, yellow, green and blue.

The announcement came two months after the seven members — Miya, Soso, Anne, Seokyoung, Seoryoung, Minju and Lena — of the act debuted in September. They formed under Kiwi Pop and debuted with EP ‘The Park in the Night Part One’ and lead track ‘Puzzle Moon’.