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CLC brought out the ‘Devil’ in them with their new single.

The septet came back with a sweet warning and a devilish concept in an aesthetically-pleasing music video and single of the same name last Friday.

‘Devil’ diverts a little from the group’s more fierce, confident dance releases like tracks ‘Me’, ‘Hobgoblin’ and ‘No’, with a more modern retro-pop feel.

The song appears to have lyrical references to their previous songs and is about wanting to teach a lesson for crossing the line and for rude behaviour. Member Yeeun participated in writing the lyrics.

In the music video, the girls are seen sabotaging each other and don a 90s vibe with jean-on jeans attire and towards the end rock black leather attire while dancing to the song’s choreography.

On the day of its release, the song landed at the top of the UAE iTunes K-Pop songs chart and made its debut on the Pop Top Songs chart at No 15.

On the all-genre songs chart, it was seen taking the No 40 spot.

The digital single comes three months after confident and self-empowerment single ‘Me’ and it’s their third Korean music release of 2019.

Signed under Cube Entertainment, the members were formally introduced as CLC with debut mini ‘First Love’ in March 2015. Originally a five-member line-up that consisted of Seunghee, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yujin, and Yeeun, the group added Elkie and Eunbin almost a year after debut. Derived from the phrase ‘Crystal Clear’, CLC also shifted from their innocent image and took a shift in music styles.