Your birthday focus isn’t on what’s next, but who. As a Scorpio you can be a creature of habit and so thrive on a routine and spend time with those you know even if those individuals are no longer interesting or fun. Yet you’re reluctant to break away. There are others just waiting to meet you and make your life more interesting.


March 20-April 19

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In the past you’ve described decisions as final or assured others you’d be there for them whatever happened only to be forced by circumstances to make changes. This is likely to happen again. However others are vulnerable which means you’re urged to think carefully before you make promises of any variety.


April 20-May 20

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Tempting as it is to try to keep certain arrangements going if only because of your sentimental feelings about them you’d soon regret it. Things are moving swiftly and so too are the actual circumstances you’re dealing with. Consequently your efforts to keep elements of the past afloat simply won’t be worth it.


May 21-June 20

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As much as you enjoy a lively exchange of ideas your instincts are telling you that in certain already tense matters it’s wise to be cautious. The problem is that everybody including you is short of facts. That alone means you’re better off taking things slowly. That way you’ll do them once and properly.


June 21- July 21

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Everybody loves hearing that good fortune is coming. And in your case that’s true especially in certain previously frustrating matters or time-consuming obligations. While the necessary changes won’t seem positive at least initially, once you’ve learnt more about them you’ll recognise them as the amazing if unexpected solutions that they are.


July 22-August 22

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Only days ago you would have refused even to discuss changes in plans you’ve worked hard to organise. Yet between an unexpectedly informative exchange of ideas with somebody far better informed than you expected and your own investigations you’re grateful for what you’ve learnt and are already making those changes.


August 23-September 22

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Currently your ruler Mercury is accenting the balance between life at home and your activities out in the world. Obviously you’ll focus on planning. Still, be aware that with Mercury retrograde from the 17th until early December there’ll be several versions. The good news is you’ll learn from each of them.


September 23-October 22

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Obviously you’d rather plan ahead so you know when you can relax and equally what’s urgent. But with the actual circumstances you’re dealing with changing on an almost daily basis things aren’t quite so simple. Instead organise arrangements so they’re flexible enough changes can be made swiftly and the moment they’re needed.


October 23-November 21

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Out of character as saying yes to a sudden offer or unexpected idea may be your instincts are correctly telling you to at least explore these. Heed those feelings. What’s arisen isn’t just of interest, what you learn or perhaps those you encounter could add to your life and in wonderful if surprising ways.


Sagittarius Image Credit: Supplied

November 22-December 20

There’s a difference between making a plan which you’ve been doing a lot of and those plans being final. With so much in transition in your own life and around you the focus is on exploration. If that means making a temporary commitment, fine. Just ensure everybody understands that’s the case.


December 21-January 19

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From time to time one particular individual gets annoyed about what is in reality an unimportant issue, but turns it into a drama. It’s their unconscious and very awkward way of demanding attention. Give it to them and generously. The individual in question will be happy and that’s what’s most important.


January 20- February 17

Aquarius Image Credit: Aquarius

Ordinarily you’ve no problem getting even rather difficult individuals to join in with future plans. That’s mostly because you’ve a talent for pointing out what will benefit whom. Still as you’re well aware one particular individual will complain no matter what. Despite this something else will work and that is they’ll always succumb to flattery.


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February 18-March 19

Long ago you learnt that in most cases battles aren’t worth fighting. While mostly that’s true, once the fierce Mars moves into Pisces on November 17 for a six-week stay you’ll find you feel ready to confront certain individuals and in some cases to stand your ground if not actually fight those battles.