Mulan Image Credit: Disney

After a delayed debut, ‘Mulan’ is finally coming to the UAE. Vox Cinemas announced the release of the live-action version of the popular animation during an event in Dubai on Wednesday. The movie is going to be screened in the country on September 4.

Earlier, Walt Disney Co. had announced that ‘Mulan’ will be available for screening on it’s Disney+ streaming service September 4 for a fee of about $30.


‘Mulan’ follows a journey of a young woman who goes to war in place of her conscripted father in ancient China. In order to do so, she must chop of her hair and play the role of a man because women are not allowed in the army. A tale of courage and coming-of-age all rolled into one, the Disney version animation has an almost cult following.

This iteration also sees music by American songstress Christina Aguilera, who sings ‘Loyal Brave True’.

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‘Mulan’ is out in UAE cinemas on September 4.