BTS: V’s pet dog Yeontan steals the spotlight
BTS: V’s pet dog Yeontan steals the spotlight Image Credit: Twitter

Today, K-pop idol V (Kim Taehyung) of BTS set the stage on fire as he performed on Mnet’s entertainment show 'M Countdown'. Videos of his performance went viral, not just for V’s performance but also due to a surprise guest appearance.

As fans captured videos of V on stage, to their delight, his pet dog Yeontan made a grand entrance.

Fans took to social media to say that the V’s adorable pet pooch stole the spotlight.

Known to be an animal lover, Taehyung adopted Yeontan in 2017, despite knowing that raising him would be challenging due to the dog’s poor health.

Living with BTS members, Yeontan became a celebrity pet with a huge fan following of his own. Last year, hashtag #Yeontan surpassed 500 million views on TikTok, making him the first celebrity pet to do so.

The black-and-white Pomeranian features on the album cover of ‘Layover’, V’s debut solo album that released on September 8.

Meanwhile, Armys (BTS fans) are applauding RM after the National Palace Museum of Korea on Wednesday announced that it will host a special exhibition titled “Hwalot Mangae: Joseon Royal Women's Wedding Attire,” showcasing a total of about 110 artifacts related to Joseon Dynasty wedding attire and related items, starting September 15.

The exhibition will also showcase a rare Joseon Dynasty ceremonial attire, which was brought back to Korea a few years ago, thanks to BTS' leader RM.

Reportedly, the ceremonial outfit from the early 20th century is significant to Korean history and was kept in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). In 2021, the ceremonial attire was brought to the National Palace Museum of Korea, thanks to a generous donation of 100 million won (Dh276,510) by RM.

According to an article on, the robe is known as "Hongjangsam” and originated from the Joseon Dynasty when princesses and noblewomen wore them during weddings.

“Despite societal norms discouraging extravagance, these ceremonial attires became symbols of opulence and grandeur with their elaborate embroidery, luxurious red dye, and ornate gold leaf detailing. This splendor transcended royal courts, becoming a significant part of wedding ceremonies for common folk as well. The ceremonial attire, when fully extended, measures about 172cm in length and 127cm in width. Intricate patterns featuring symbols of prosperity and happiness, such as lotus flowers, peonies, phoenixes, cranes, butterflies, and more, are meticulously embroidered across the garment,” the article added.

The LACMA ceremonial attire was donated by an art collector named Bella Mayberry in 1939. However, the identity of the original wearer is not known.