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One of contemporary Bollywood’s most talented actors, Pankaj Tripathi has been outstanding in almost all his roles. With the ongoing lockdown restricting viewers to their homes, we trained focus on Tripathi’s performances on two of his most popular web shows.

His two notable acts in recent times have been Kaleen bhaiya in ‘Mirzapur’ and Guruji in ‘Sacred Games’. Both performances gained major fan base. Personally, the actor finds it difficult to choose which among the two is his favourite.

“It would be like choosing between two children. Both characters are close to me, both have required a lot of hard work,” Tripathi, while cooking a meal amid the 21-day lockdown.

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“Both of them have been very challenging. However, for Guruji I had to research more as I have seen something like Kaleen bhaiya’s life in my Purvanchal days. But I would not differentiate as both roles required a lot of hard work,” he said.

‘Mirzapur’ follows the life of Akhandanand Tripathi, or Kaleen bhaiya, a mafia boss played by Pankaj, while in ‘Sacred Games’ he plays the power-hungry spiritual leader “Guruji”.

Currently, Tripathi, who is also a professional chef, is getting ample time to spend with his family due to the 21-day lockdown.

He reveals he has been “spending time cooking, and also with wife and kids”.

Lately, he has been helping his wife Mridula in making homemade mask and has also turned into a writer, penning all his thoughts.