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Lack of time left the makers of ‘Cheat India’ no choice but to agree to a new title ‘Why Cheat India’ upon the censor board’s suggestion. But actor and producer Emraan Hashmi says it is illogical.

‘Why Cheat India’ is about the education system and marks Hashmi’s debut as a producer.

“CBFC [Central Board of Film Certification] members found the title misleading. According to them, our film is showing India in negative light. But that’s what it is... what we are showing is a mirror to the system... they should understand it,” he said.

“Fundamentally, if the system has an open and analytical thinking, then you would not do such illogical things. Changing the film’s title at the last moment does not make any sense,” the actor added. “The ‘Cheat India’ title has been there for a year... CBFC approved all our promos earlier, but now what they have done is absolutely illogical. There is no logic at all.”

However, he feels the title change won’t impact the motive of the film.

“I am happy that our audience is mature enough to judge a particular film. They watch film for the content, not for the title. I’m sure this title transition from ‘Cheat India’ to ‘Why Cheat India’ won’t hamper the business and motive of our film,” Hashmi said.

Hashmi’s co-star and debutante Shreya Dhanwanthary expressed her anger over the CBFC’s decision.

“I don’t understand how censor board can smoothly pass the films which impart a lot of violence and vulgarity, but they have problems with social issue based film like ‘Cheat India’,” she said.

Directed by Soumik Sen, ‘Why Cheat India’ is scheduled to release in the UAE on January 17. It was earlier due to hit the screens on January 25 along with ‘Manikarnkika: The Queen of Jhansi’ and ‘Thackeray’.