Singer Sona Mohapatra. Image Credit: IANS

Singer Sona Mohapatra has reacted to a controversial statement that Kerala Congress Chief Mullapally Mamachandran recently made about regarding women.

“We women have lived surrounded by the violence of sexual intimidation and possible rape in our normal day to day lives. Surrounded by its energy everyday! We have learnt to live with it, fight it, yet pursue our dreams, keep our kindness. Slap UR idea of self respect Mr Congress chief,” Mohapatra tweeted from her verified account on Monday.

The singer’s tweet came as a reaction to a news piece where Ramachandran was quoted as saying that a self-respecting woman would rather kill herself than publicly accept that she has been sexually assaulted.

Recently, Mohapatra also reacted to an allegedly derogatory remark made by actor Mukesh Khanna about women. Khanna reportedly said that the #MeToo movement began after women started stepping out for work.

Reacting to a news piece talking about Khanna’s remarks, Mohapatra tweeted on Sunday: “yea, cus men never ever molested or assaulted women and children inside homes according to this fellow who is best ignored. Tacky mandhbudhi. The sad truth is there are enough and more such regressive mindsets around us everywhere? We soldier on. Change is slow but is coming.”