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On November 22, indie Egyptian acts will flock to the Coca-Cola Arena for a night of non-stop music starting at 6pm, under the name Why Not! Mazzika. The one-day event will be part of a wider series of events titled Why Not! YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Here’s your guide to all the artists hitting the stage.

Massar Egbari

Formed in 2005 in Alexandria, Massar Egbari is a five-piece rock band comprised of Ayman Massoud (keyboard), Hany Al Dakkak (guitar and lead vocals), Ahmad Hafez (bass guitar), Tamer Attallah (drums) and Mahmoud Siam (guitar). Their name translates into ‘Compulsory Path’ and is a commentary on social expectations. Egbari’s music largely focuses on social issues.



Sharmoofers is a music project founded by Ahmad Bahaa and Moe Al Arkan in 2012, who believe that music is the way to happiness. The duo aims to create “positive, groovy music” that impacts today’s youth. Their latest release was the upbeat track, ‘Ayez Akhalas Gama’a’ (I Want to Finish University).



Five-piece rock band Cairockee formed in 2003, but rose to popularity after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution with their protest anthems, such as ‘Sout El Horeya’ (Voice of Freedom). The band is comprised of Amir Eid (lead vocals), Sherif Hawary (guitarist), Tamer Hashem (drums), Sherif Mustafa (keyboard) and Ahmad Al Alfy (bass guitar). Cairokee began by covering English songs, chiefly inspired by The Beatles and Pink Floyd, but they’re now committed to performing in their mother tongue.

Disco Misr

Disco Misr is a trio made up of Amr Emad, Mustafa Al Sherif and Schady Wasfy. Their goal is to revive “oriental sounds with a twist of disco and funk.” Some of their inspirations have been Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Yanni, Swedish House Mafia, deadmau5 and Justice.


H.O.H. is a supergroup, with their name being an abbreviation of the members’ names — Hany Adel (from the band Wust El Balad), Ousso Lotfy (Nagham Masry) and Hany Al Dakkak (Massar Egbari). The pop-rock trio, which formed in 2014, play each other’s tracks with new musical arrangements.

Mahmoud El Esseily

Mahmoud El Esseily-1573997913006
Mahmoud El Esseily.

Mahmoud Al Esseily — sometimes known simply as ‘Esseily’ — has been making music since 2004. The 36-year-old singer has more than a million followers on Facebook. His latest release is the Aly Fathallah collaboration ‘Enty Wa Ana’ (You and Me).


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Tickets for Why Not! Mazzika are available online, from Dh250-Dh495.