Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe. Image Credit: AFP

Haifa Wehbe’s legal debacle has continued to rage on as the singer and actress took to Twitter to call out her former manager and ex-boyfriend, Mohammed Waziri, who claims the two had been legally married.

“Today, the lawyers were present and his lawyer presented a photocopy — not an original — of the marriage certificate. My lawyer challenged the authenticity of the falsified paper and asked for the original contract,” she wrote on Twitter on June 16, in an Arabic post.

“His lawyer replied that the original is not with him but with the plaintiff, and that he is not available currently (and he is actually standing outside with his brother and the third false witness) because he’s bringing the original contract, he asked for the session to be postponed,” she wrote, adding a laughing emoji at the end.

Last month, a document spread on social media that claims that Waziri and Wehbe had been legally married.

The document suggested that Waziri had moved the case to the Family Court in Egypt to prove his marriage to the singer. Wehbe in May accused Waziri of withdrawing 63 million Egyptian pounds (Dh14.7 million) from her bank account and transferring it to his personal account.