Eid sales
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

As Eid Al Adha approaches, retailers across the UAE gear up to capture the attention of eager shoppers with exclusive ranges, gift bundles, personalised products and unique deals. It is a time when stores go above and beyond to make Eid shopping more than just a task but a joyous adventure. Top retailers share how they pull out all the stops during Eid to create a shopping experience that is not only exciting but also irresistible.

“Eid Al Adha holds great importance for the retail sector, particularly home furnishing. This is a time when everyone prepares their homes for gatherings, giving priority to home decor. People often shop for new curtains, rugs, cushions, wall art, and other decorative accessories during Eid to refresh their living spaces,” says Adriana Kostic, Head of Marketing at Pan Home, which has launched a specially curated selection of furniture and decor pieces that perfectly aligns with the festive spirit of Eid.

Adriana Kostic, Head of Marketing at Pan Home

“Our goal is to provide a wide range of exquisite options that helps shoppers create a warm and inviting ambiance for celebrations. Our collection features a diverse range of elegant furniture and home decor pieces reflecting the cultural influences of the region. We have taken great care to select items that embody the essence of Eid Al Adha, combining tradition and contemporary aesthetics.”

Gift-giving made simple

One of the defining aspects of Eid is the exchange of gifts, which reflects the spirit of giving and generosity. During the festive time, people actively seek out gifting options to express their appreciation for their loved ones. To assist customers in their search for the ideal presents, PAN Home showcases a wide range of home decor items, dinnerware, table accessories and home fragrances that are perfect for gifts.

“Home decor items are a popular choice for gifting during the festive season because they offer a lasting and meaningful way to enhance any space,” says Kostic. “These items can range from decorative accents to functional pieces such as vases, elegant candle holders, intricate wall art, stylish photo frames, and unique sculptures.” Recognising the importance of making shopping more affordable and accessible during this time, most retailers in the UAE strategically launch promotions and deals. PAN Home, for example, is offering up to 70 per cent off on a wide range of furniture and accessories both in-store and online.

“Our customers can benefit from our 0 per cent easy payment plans, free delivery and installations, and the convenience of express delivery within 48 hours for all online orders at Pan Home,” she adds.

Sharique Khan, General Manager, Rasasi Perfumes

Perfumes are another top choice for gifting during festivals, as they are considered a thoughtful present. Capitalising on an increased demand during Eid, perfume brands have introduced a wide range of fragrances that cater to different preferences and tastes. Additionally, many perfume brands have started offering creative customisation options, such as engraved bottles, unique scents and personalised packaging, making the gift even more special.

“Rasasi’s personalised fragrance experiences enable customers to create custom attars based on their preference. This trend will provide a unique and memorable experience to customers during Eid Al Adha,” says Sharique Khan, General Manager, Rasasi Perfumes.

While commenting on the key perfume trends during Eid, Khan says, “Buyers often look for perfumes that feature oud as a prominent note. Oud is a highly valued and a sought-after ingredient in the Middle East and often associated with luxury and tradition. Fragrances with floral or oriental notes are also appreciated during Eid. These scents evoke a sense of elegance, warmth, and opulence, making them popular choices for gifting. Some buyers may also choose to splurge on high-end luxury perfumes or agarwood.”

Rasasi has launched a selection of special perfumes for Eid. “Our Oud Ma Attar Fransi is inspired by leisurely morning walks in the garden, taking in scents from the leaves, fruits, and flowers, while Oud Ma Attar Patchouli is a sensuously opulent blend of Cambodian oud and rich Patchouli. The newly launched Oud Ma Attar range will surely appeal to a wide range of customers and these are available in brand-new bottles,” adds Khan.

Abdul Mateen Dhamma, Founder and Chairman, Dhamma Perfumes

Meanwhile, another leading brand Dhamma Perfumes has launched a niche range that incorporates oud, musk and a special Khalta blend for this season.

“It is showing a very promising response from our clients. We also have a unique musk collection comprising Musk Al Tahara, Musk Rose and Fruit Musks. These are the bestsellers during Eid festivities,” says Abdul Mateen Dhamma, Founder and Chairman of Dhamma Perfumes, adding, “Dhamma Perfumes is running a special promotion on its three niche launches – Oud 6000, Musk, and Khalta collections, while special offers are also available on the entire musk range.” ■

Sales soar for luxury brands

Despite economic fluctuations and changing consumer behaviour, the allure of luxury items remains strong, making Eid and the summer break particularly lucrative for high-end brands.

Kerrie Black, Group Merchandising and Marketing Director, Sanipex Group

“Clients are actively seeking luxury products that last and are willing to invest to elevate their homes,” says Kerrie Black, Group Merchandising and Marketing Director, Sanipex Group, a leading supplier of luxury lifestyle living solutions. “Renowned Italian brands like Lofra, Fhiaba, and Faber offer high-performance cooking and refrigeration solutions while bespoke slab countertops and tables– custom-cut in our Slab Fabrication Facility in Jebel Ali – sets the stage for exceptional hosting. Additionally, there is a growing desire for hotel-style bathroom amenities. Large showerheads and body jets provide a spa-like experience within the home.”

Its luxury glassware and kitchen accessories make excellent gifts during Eid. “Sanipex Group is offering 25-75 per cent discount on certain ranges within Outdoor Living, Bathroom, Tiles and Slab, and Kitchen categories across the Gulf,” says Black.

Strong demand for food packaging products

Whether it’s a family gathering, community dining or an outdoor picnic with friends, the convenience and ease of disposable serving products and food packaging have made them an essential component of any celebration.

Abdul Jebbar P.B., Founder and Group Managing Director, Hotpack Global

“During Eid, we see an increased preference for aluminium packaging containers, particularly aluminium pots. Additionally, there is a demand for aesthetically pleasing packaging options such as sweet boxes, cake boxes, and gift bags for gifting. Tableware like sofra, cutlery, and premium design plates are also popular for their convenience”, says Abdul Jebbar P.B., Founder and Group Managing Director, Hotpack Global, a leading manufacturer of food packaging products in the UAE.

“The market has seen an increase in Eid-themed products, with people actively seeking unique and eye-catching packaging solutions,” he says.

Hotpack has an exclusive Eid collection with distinctive designs that align with the festive spirit.

Hotpack Global has also introduced a range of innovative and sustainable products in the UAE to meet customer demand for eco-friendly products. “Our paper cups are now completely recyclable for both hot and cold drinks. We have also developed a bio range of products that can be recycled, with some utilising 100 per cent recycled material,” says Jebbar.

Remittances increase during Eid Al Adha

The remittance sector in the UAE has witnessed around 10 per cent growth this year compared to 2022 in several corridors including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka, says Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director of LuLu Financial Holdings.

Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director of LuLu Financial Holdings

“Considering the recent trend of weakening of currencies in Asian and other emerging markets, as well as due to the upcoming festive season of Eid Al Adha, we are expecting significant growth in remittance numbers this month in key corridors like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and some African countries,” says Ahamed.

To encourage expats to remit more during Eid, LuLu Exchange has rolled out unique promotions. “We are offering all LuLu Exchange and LuLu Money app customers an assured gift of three months’ free subscription to Viu OTT platform worth Dh60,” he says. “Additionally, those who are remitting more than Dh5,000 to India will receive a free two-night-and-three-day holiday with their family in Club Mahindra properties in India. This offer is valid until June 30.”