DEAL Embed Mar 13 2023 Renee FOR WEB
Renee Welsh, CEO, Embed

The pandemic specifically accelerated the low-touch contactless economy. With consumers expecting safer, faster ways to engage businesses, some FECs have embraced the changes brought by digitalisation, while others are still fazed by contactless business solutions like mobile payments, cloud-based systems, and other service trends that consumers expect.

“As digitalisation eliminates overlaps, gaps, and errors in processes and operations, cashless solutions also prove to be maximisers of operational efficiency when it comes to costs, maintenance, manpower, and eliminating hurdles to growing revenue,” says Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed.

There is a lot of available technology today that allows businesses to deviate from traditional manual and labor-intensive processes, such as:

Cashless systems like the mobile wallet technology allows guests to reload game cards even before entering a venue and can help eliminate long lines, wait times, and other reasons that shorten the customer journey. “This also provides FECs rich user data that they can translate into strategies such as personalised promotions and loyalty programs to drive return visits,” continues Welsh.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions eliminate manual data gathering and reporting across multiple business venues and customer touchpoints so operators now have cloud-based options to automate reports in real time. In turn, management can make informed business decisions that impact operations and revenue.

Game card dispensing kiosks can also be used as additional manpower to cutdown on recruitment costs, staffing problems and customer complaints.

Catch Embed’s cashless system in action at the DEAL Show, booth #3-C24 from March 14-16 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.