Sami Syed2
Sami Syed, CEO, Phoenix Group Dison-Tec Image Credit: Supplied

Phoenix Group Dison-Tec, which has used innovation in the packaging and filling industry since 1999, is today the provider of choice when it comes to machinery for food and beverage producers.

“Food is crucial to our existence and that is why the industry will always thrive,” says Sami Syed, CEO, Phoenix Group Dison-Tec. “Very rarely, in situations like recession, we have seen the prices of high-end items such as snacks drop, but essentials such as grains always do well.”

The Covid-19 crisis posed a sudden challenge for the food and beverage industry as strict rules were put in place to contain the virus. This put increased pressure on companies such as Phoenix Group Dison-Tec to improve efficiency, and safety standards. “At this juncture, I offered perfect solutions for the food and beverage sector in terms of machinery that needs minimal manpower,” says Syed.

Phoenix Group Dison-Tec’s USP is making machinery customised to clients’ requirements. “For example, when it comes to packaging salt and sugar, automatic machines cost millions of dollars,” explains Syed. “If the product comes in a paper pouch, the machine lifts the pouch, folds it, glues it and then it goes for palletising. High-end companies can afford this, but mid-range ones do it manually.”

However, the manual process is unhygienic and time consuming. So when a company with a modest budget approached Phoenix Group Dison-Tec for a machine, it was offered an automatic machine that could do everything high-end machines could. The only difference? It produced 20 pouches per minute instead of 40.

“It took me six months to create that machine,” says Syed.

Packaging vegetables was another challenge calling for innovation during the pandemic. “I had a client who wanted to package vegetables without touching them,” Syed recalls. “We created a conveyor to pass the vegetables and lift them on to a weighing scale in different buckets automatically. The vegetables then dropped into a pouch and were packed after nitrogen flushing.”

This was also a huge challenge as it is difficult to control the length and size of vegetables, but Phoenix Group Dison-Tec managed pull it off successfully. “Now we are getting orders from Europe, the US and Canada,” says Syed. “We have expanded our fabrication unit so that we can manufacture more of such machines. We are now looking at creating robotic machines so that we completely eliminate human touch.”

Phoenix Group Dison-Tec also manufactures end-to-end snacks processing lines for potatoes chips and items such as kurkure. The company creates machines for companies dealing with lubricant oil, edible oil, and molasses. It also customises secondary packaging solutions and functions as a consultancy.