Tax payers requiring any private clarification from FTA will have to pay fees. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Fees have been instituted for individuals or entities seeking a 'private clarification' on tax matters from the Federal Tax Authority. This comes into effect June 1.

The decision relates to fees required for submitting a request for a ‘private clarification’, whether for one tax item or more. The ‘private clarification’ will be issued by the FTA in the form of a document stamped and signed by it in relation to specific tax technical matters and for a specific taxpayer.

This would be after the tax payer submits using a specific form for that purpose on the FTAA website, along with the documents attached to that form. It follows Cabinet Decision No. (65) of 2020 on 'fees for services provided' by the FTA.

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The Authority may refund the fees incurred for such a request in cases where the Authority does not issue the private clarification required.

Taxpayers can apply for the services through the FTA website, where users need to register, submit the required supporting documents, and pay the fees specified in Cabinet Decision No. (65) of 2020 and its amendments.