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India's power brand Tata wants to stake out a place in the breakfast cereals category too. In the UAe, that means tata will be serving up a lot of 'Soulfull'. Image Credit: REUTERS

Dubai: Brands owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata have been quite visible in the UAE, whether on the roads (through Jaguar and Land Rover) or the skies (Air India, Vistara).

Based on preferences, you can also have your Tata Tea or Tata Steel.

But now, UAE consumers can have another Tata offering served up – as a breakfast cereal. That’s right, Tata’s consumer products division is leading the charge on that with its line-up of millet-based products under the ‘Soulfull’ range.

“The introduction of millet-based cereals to our portfolio is the first major category move for Tata Consumer Products’ international business outside of hot and cold beverages,’ said Gharry Eccles, who is the International President at the division.

“Our strategy is centred on identifying spaces where we can win and add value. And ‘Soulfull’ - and its sibling brand ‘Joyfull’ in Western markets - is leading the way for us here.”

Cereals are big business

Breakfast cereals is no easy market to break into, more so when the likes of Kellogg’s have had decades of dominance to call on.

People want to eat healthy and our research for new products is now based on these findings.

- Prashant Parameswaran of Tata Consumer Soulfull

Then, of course, if Tata’s and Soulfull were to leverage its brand from India status, there will be heavy competition from traditional Indian breakfast servings. Think dosa, upma, parantha with yoghurt – choose your pick.

Eccles knows the competition – and he isn’t fazed about it.

“Although the cereal category has some major players, new and trending ingredients like millets are a great way to stimulate sales and interest,” he said. “There is significant growth potential here in the UAE.

“The brand is achieving significant success in the Indian market, and we are seeing the beginnings of the same success with its sister brand Joyfull Millet Muesli, which we launched last year in the UK.”

Can millets be the gamechanger? 

“We see huge potential for millets and other grains and have our sights on a range of other opportunities to bring ancient grains like millets to market with a modern twist in tasty, surprising formats,” the official added.

In the UAE (and other Gulf markets), the emphasis on healthy food choices is on the march. A whole basket of new and niche brands have come into being, prepared to offer those options and with dollops of taste too.

This should give Soulfull the wriggle room to break into the UAE market and capture some visibility.

"Millets fit well into this narrative with their myriad health benefits,” said Prashant Parameswaran, Manging Director and CEO of Tata Consumer Soulfull, “People want to eat healthy and our research for new products is now based on these findings.

"Where we score is in creating imaginative, attractive, and super tasty cereal mixes and snacks that are irresistible and nourishing - both children and adults.”