Rajiv Warrier, CEO, Choithram's Image Credit: Supplied

What are your plans for Choithram’s this Eid Al Adha? How is it different from last year?

Over the past few months, we adapted to a new normal of social distancing, masks, health awareness, contactless delivery and payments. This Eid, we will see a lot of activities centered around citizens and residents as most will spend their summer and Eid holidays in the UAE. We promise to bring exciting offers that they would like for gifting during the Eid season.

Do you have any special deals or offers this Eid Al Adha?

Eid is a special occasion. Like every year we have great festival offers for essentials, and Eid specific products, which include dates, chocolates, nuts, gift sets etc. This year, we are offering consumers specialized gift hampers that are put together based on the consumer’s choice of products. Our commitment to offer the best value and quality has not changed for the past 46 years - since we started in the UAE.

What changes do you forecast in the supermarket industry for the post-covid era? Are there trends to look forward to?

Online shopping and home delivery will continue to see increased consumer interest. Customers will spend more on essentials such as groceries on account of increased home consumption due to lesser socializing and increased working from home. Supply chain challenges will be the topmost priority for retailers to ensure product availability. Health and safety compliance are an area of focus to ensure customers and staff are safe.

Now that restrictions have eased over Covid-19 do you see people still preferring online shopping?

Online shopping is here to stay - it complements in-store shopping. In fact, was one of the first movers in ecommerce in the UAE and continues to be the preferred choice for many. We are also enhancing our site and back-end technology to provide a superior omni-channel shopping experience.

Has it changed the way your customers think about shopping?

Yes, they are placing more emphasis on convenience, speed, range, and safety. There is also more focus on essentials with customers buying more items per visit to reduce the frequency of store visits.

What is next for Choithram’s?

Digital transformation is a priority – hence an increased focus on investments in logistics and operations. We will continue to open more stores and have recently opened a store in Downtown, Dubai.

We wish all the readers of Gulf News, safe, happy, and healthy Eid Mubarak.