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The Dh10,999 gold-clad watch boasts a sailboat-inspired design, using 18K gold elements and diamond-cut engraving. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Are smartwatches ready to go deluxe?

The Chinese tech giant Huawei is expecting such a consumer trend to happen, with the launch of its first gold smartwatch - Watch Ultimate Design. And the price sure comes out bright, with a tag of Dh10,999. (Pre-orders started October 3.)

Set in 18K gold trimmings, the model comes with diamond cut engravings. Clearly, a departure from the smartwatch options in play, where the emphasis has been on utility, health tracking and as a lifestyle setter.

Huawei has created a mark in the wearables space. (There’s) a twist to the tale with functionality meeting fashion and notching up the offering.

- Nilesh Khalkho, CEO of Sharaf DG

A whole new ballgame

Other tech brands too have been raising the game on their wearables, Apple’s extension of its Watch with the Ultra being the most notable. The retail pricing on that is Dh3,000 plus.

Huawei with the gold trim model is certainly aiming for a good deal more. The UAE and Gulf retail markets could be fertile ground for the version.

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“Our new wearable devices combine cutting-edge technology, fashion-forward design, and user-centric health features that revolutionise the industry,” said Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Consumer BG, Middle East and Africa. “It empowers users to personalise their health and sports journey, without compromising style."
A gold touch
The luxury Watch Ultimate Design with a sailboat-inspired design comes with a gold bezel, and a gold crown is inlaid with six segments of 18K gold to form a rudder-shaped ring design. The six-segment gold bars are designed according to the golden ratio.

It adopts the diamond-cut engraving process, where a 3D trapezoidal pattern is carved onto the surface of the gold. The watch comes with a gold and black Three-Compartment Chain Strap.

More wearables

On Tuesday evening (October 3), the Chinese company also debuted the Eyewear 2.

“Customers in this market seek wearables that offer enhanced connectivity, appealing designs, seamless smartphone integration, and the ability to track their fitness,” said Mohammad Badri, Managing Director of Dubai-based Eros Group.

Demand for multi-purpose gadgets was one of the significant trends in the UAE wearable market.

- Mohammad Badri of Eros Group

The Eyewear 2 starts at Dh899 and will be available from November 3.

Eyewear 2
The Huawei Eyewear 2 features an Open Acoustic Design that delivers high-quality audio that prevents sound leakage and enhances listening privacy. Thanks to built-in sensors, the smart glasses supports a range of smart touch controls.

The latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Devices Tracker revealed shipments to the Middle East and Africa in 2022 increased 9.8 per cent year-on-year, totalling 14.89 million units. Concurrently, the category’s value also surged, registering 25.4 per cent growth to $2.86 billion.

“The wearables segment in the UAE is projected to achieve a revenue of 150 million USD by end of 2023, with an anticipated CAGR of 3.67 per cent until 2026,” said Sibi Bruce, Category Head, Ecity . “At present, Huawei holds a market share of roughly 8 per cent, positioning itself as the third-leading brand in the wearable category, trailing only behind Apple and Samsung. ”

With the GT4 series, we anticipate that Huawei's market share will surpass the 10% mark. It has received exceptionally strong pre-orders.

- Sibi Bruce
Is Huawei new MateX5 coming to Dubai?
UAE tech retailers are closely monitoring the release of Huawei’s 5G-enabled phones – the Mate X5 - in China and for a potential launch into the UAE.

“This region’s appetite for 5G technology has steadily grown, driven by the need for faster connectivity and enhanced mobile experiences,” said Mohammed Badri of Eros Group. “Given the UAE eagerness to adopt cutting-edge technology, it is likely that 5G-enabled devices like the Mate X5 will find a receptive audience here.”