From sleep treatment to acupuncture facial, Bur Dubai has a wide range of alternative treatment centres that offer a blissful healing experience Image Credit: Shutterstock

For those seeking wellness retreats, Old Dubai has a surprising number of reputed clinics and treatment facilities offering a range of unusual — and in many instances ancient — practices. There are popular holistic treatment centres in Bur Dubai Bur Dubai that offer offbeat treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy that helps to rid the system of impurities and blockages through water, and ozone therapy, which can detoxifying the liver and improves the metabolism.

You can also try an acupuncture facial, which stimulates and improves muscle tone, collagen and elastin production at such places — leaving your complexion firmer and more youthful. If it’s your tired old feet giving you grief, head to one of the foot reflexology centres. This form of foot massage stimulates blood circulation by focusing on certain pressure points in your feet to relieve pressure experienced in other areas of the body – notably the neck, back and head. It’s a blissful experience that can be quite addictive.

If your eating regimen is causing health issues, Bur Dubai’s Aster Clinic has a respected dietetics department that uses scientific understanding of nutrition to deal with issues such as obesity. There are Ayurvedic centres in Karama that also use age-old remedies to provide natural healing. These treatments give a guideline on things to incorporate in daily routines, diet, behaviour and also advise on the proper use of senses. In Oud Metha, there are homeopathy experts who can sure common infectious diseases, including recurrent respiratory and skin allergies. Homeopathy uses specially prepared, highly diluted substances that aim to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms. It’s popular because of its reputation for safety and lack of side effects.

The sprawling American Hospital in Dubai boasts a rather unique division — a sleep medicine centre. This young but growing discipline tackles the approximately 150 different sleep/wake disorders known in the world.

In Mankool, Unicare Medical Centre’s experienced occupational health department helps identify and control risks from workplace hazards — and the results can often be profound. And there’s International Modern Hospital, whose Mind Wellness clinic offers services on behavioural issues — with a positive mental approach.