The beachfront community of JBR offers the promise of health and wellness Image Credit: Shutterstock

Armed with an array of stunning seaside backdrops, state-of-the-art amenities and gorgeous architectural design, waterfront living in Dubai is unparalleled in its luxury. But what really sets these communities apart from all the other residential choices across Dubai is the promise of health and wellness. With promenades and running tracks ripe for walking along and state-ofthe-art facilities such as gyms and heated pools, beachfront living consistently compels its residents to be more socially and physically active. Residents of The Palm, for example, have easy access to the beach, walkways, tracks, fitness centres, yoga studios and swimming pools.

The Al Ittihad Park, popular with residents, offers idyllic evenings with playgrounds for children and running tracks for adults. Pervin who lives on The Palm’s Shoreline Apartments, says, “Living on The Palm has been absolutely life changing. I have an amazing park right outside, and not only am I losing weight but I’m also feeling so much better. Ever since we moved here, it’s been really good for me because I love walking.” Speaking about her 11-year old daughter, Ava, she says, “She plays football in the park and loves skateboarding so we go out in the evenings a lot with me walking and her skating.”

The Dubai Marina spanning over 50 million square feet, is famed for its skyscraper residences and panoramic skyline. The focal point of this property is the eponymous marina, a stunning man-made bay that stretches across the center of the district and leads out into the Arabian Gulf. With more than 200 residential towers, accommodation in Dubai Marina ranges from exclusive luxury penthouses to apartments and branded all set to a panorama of the city skyline.

You can find outdoor gyms to enjoy in these communities Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/GN Archive

More time outdoors

Each of these properties have easy access to the marina, as well as its surrounding retail and dining promenade, the adjacent beach and the Dubai Marina Mall. For residents, this essentially means that everything is in walking distance—restaurants, boutiques, entertainment venues, and recreational areas. It’s completely feasible to take a jog in the morning, pick up your groceries at a supermarket, have brunch at a cafe and come back home without requiring any form of transportation—a set-up which not only encourages residents to spend more time outdoors but also to walk whenever possible. The properties are built with an active living in mind and come with facilities such as fully equipped fitness centres and heated swimming pools.

Located adjacent to Dubai Marina is Jumeirah Beach Residence. This beachside community boasts approximately 1.7 kilometers of shoreline, buildings that feature hints of Mediterranean and Arabic-inspired architecture, alfresco cafes and the remarkable JBR Beach. Shelly, a resident of JBR, says, “Our lifestyles are more active because we live in JBR. We go for walks, we take yoga and gym classes. There are ample opportunities for play—recently, they’ve laid down more ping pong tables, chess tables, play-areas for younger children and basketball courts for teenagers. You don’t have to pre-book and it’s accessible to everyone. So, it’s a fulfilling life and we’re really happy here.”

A bit of adventure

Residents can walk over to the open beach anytime during the day and expect to find it buzzing with some activity: from yoga sessions to beach volleyball to camel rides, there is never a dull moment at JBR. They can partake in a range of water sports on the beach, including but not limited to parasailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding—and these adventure sports are hardly limited to the water: Xline, the world’s longest urban zip-line flies over the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, entertainment venues and recreational options can be found either along The Walk or at the neighboring mall, appropriately named The Beach and at the Bluewaters Island, a man-made mixed-use island connected to JBR by a footbridge.