Wasl Hub
Dubai developers are joining in the summer deal rush. One of the biggest names, wasl, is on Instagram and where potential tenants can complete the renting process in minutes. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The ‘summer deals’ are now on… and even Dubai’s real estate developers are joining in. And this year, there’s even a rental twist to it.

Dubai Government owned wasl Properties is leasing homes across Dubai in the one-off ‘virtual’ promotion. The leasing process will be done fully online, which allows potential customers to reserve their desired units after filling out all the required details.

The leasing is being done on Instagram from 10am to 4pm.

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In addition, they can pay for and receive lease contracts within minutes – this is the first time leasing activity is being taken online and to tis extent.

The developer has got multiple communities and buildings in the city, including recently launched ones at Zabeel. It’s mid-market leasing units have sustained their popularity even as rents dropped and other developers started matching wasl rates.