STOCK Dubai Skyline
SmartCrowd has a portfolio of more than 40 properties, including at Dubai Marina and the Downtown. (Image used for illustrative purposes.) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Planning to spend Dh500 on the latest sunglasses? Or a round of golf? Why not invest the same in a property in Dubai?

That’s the question the property focussed crowdfunding platform SmartCrowd is asking potential investors, and setting its minimum investment as low as Dh500. Interested investors can choose stakes in a portfolio of more than 40 properties through the SmartCrowd platform, including in the Downtown and Dubai Marina.

“For the same price as a brunch or a round of golf, everyday investors can now own a part of the vibrant city of Dubai,” said Siddiq Farid, CEO and co-founder of SmartCrowd. "This is a chance for regular hard-working people to build wealth and savings for the future. They are no longer restricted to only investing in stocks and bonds.

"With Expo around the corner, the offer is open to visitors too. Tourists could choose to take more than just memories home with them, with a share in Dubai property.”

The offer comes when Dubai property transactions are back to hitting their stride, with daily deals frequently going past the Dh1 billion mark. Even as multi-million dirham homes get picked up, deals involving a few hundreds per investor also have a chance to get on the bandwagon. 

Crowdfunding is about affordability
Crowdfunding property investments in Dubai had picked up visibility last year, with a handful of portals bringing down minimum investments and attract the widest base of investors. Using this option means a pool of investors pickup rights to a property. But SmartCrowd dropping the minimum investment level from four-digit range to Dh500 adds a new dimension to affordability.