Dubai: Where does the future of the office lie? Is it in cool co-working spaces? Is it in coffee shops? Is it in your bedroom? Or is it in virtual meeting rooms?

With young people pushing back against the traditional desk job, speaking up about the benefits in productivity they might gain from working in a new location, the need for dynamic, imaginative work spaces is greater than ever.

But not everyone agrees.

Some people (Scott) have a different perspective. As a manager of people, Scott thinks about the many issues that present themselves when your entire staff is scattered around a city. How easy is it to contact them? Are they on the move? Are they working? Can you trust them?

Luckily, we are joined on today’s podcast by an expert in all things office: Shaz Bhatti, a serial entrepreneur based in Dubai, who launched a co-working space project six years ago.

Since then, he has seen traditional office spaces change dramatically, and the level of interest in new workplaces skyrocket.

But what does he think about the future of offices? Will the banks and law firms be trading in their plush DIFC offices for something that resembles a funky university library?

We discuss this, and much more, on the podcast.