Models stand on the deck of an Asmarine yacht. Visitors toured the numerous yachts on display at the Dubai International Boat Show 2010 on Tuesday. Image Credit: Megan Hirons Mahon/Gulf News

1. Katana: This mega-yacht is one of the most significant possessions of Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder. The construction of this 262-foot yacht cost $68 million (Dh249.6 million).

2. Constellation: A possession of Qatar's ruling family, Constellation costs the same as Katana. This yacht is 262 feet long.

3. Virginian: With a length of 204 feet, this $45 million yacht once belonged to John Werner Kluge, head of Metromedia International Group.

4. Ambrosiana: This 196-foot vessel awaits a new owner in Holland. Ambrosiana costs $45 million.

5. Dream: This 176-foot, $44 million vessel is under construction at Feadship's yard in Holland.

6. Giant I: Features an amazing collection of toys. Length is 246 feet and cost is $38 million.

7. Senses: Deemed the ultimate exploration vessel by yachting intelligentsia, Senses costs $37 million.

8. Ambrosia: The interior of the $35 million Ambrosia contains the touches of art from the Far East.

9. Kiss The Sky: The $35 million, 170-foot long Kiss the Sky carries the signature of its Dutch builder, Amels.

10. Princess Marla: The $29 million Princess Marla is a must see for all. The three deck high atrium of Princess Marla is the most spectacular aspect of its interior.

— Compiled by Irish Eden Belleza, Web Coordinator