Panama City: Haiti is undertaking a raft of reforms in agriculture, industries, mining, tourism and real estate to boost investment climate in the country, its president said in Panama City.

The Caribbean country with a population of about 10 million went through a difficult time with a series of disasters from an earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people in 2010 to a Cholera epidemic to a major hurricane in 2016 that killed hundreds of people. International aid poured into the country following the incidents.

Haiti has suffered a lot because of the impact of the earthquake, but from there we have made enormous progress, because we have focused on recovering the road infrastructure that allows us to interconnect different areas and create conditions to improve the energy sector, especially our ability to exploit solar energy,” said Jovenel Moise while speaking at the Global Business Forum, Latin America in Panama City.

“And in parallel, we also focused on reforming the public administration, improving the health system, promoting agriculture and education for young people.”

The government is also working to pass a new legislation that allows companies to invest in the mining sector in the country, he added. “There are opportunities in gold, copper and aluminium mining.”

In our country, energy was monopolised, and the reform has begun to bear fruit, he added.

“We must electrify the whole country, although we have advanced there are areas that only have energy 4-6 hours a day. With the reform, we will have the possibility of receiving the 800 megawatts we need, 400 for the metropolitan area and the difference for the rest of the country.”