Burjeel and OncoHelix expect to provide profiling tests to help doctors provide tailored treatment for cancer patients. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The hospital operator Burjeel Holdings will provide patients with advanced molecular genetics, cellular and immunological profile testing in the UAE after entering a partnership with Canada’s OncoHelix Inc., the specialist lab operator.

This will lead to them offering ‘personalized medicine’ to clinics and hospitals in the UAE. Burjeel expects to start operations of the new lab by year-end, and will extend its capability to support hospitals in the region.

An advanced diagnostic lab will offer molecular genetics and immunological profiling tests to assist oncologists and physicians in the diagnosis, risk stratification, and tailored treatment for patients with cancer, genetic diseases, or immune disorders.

John Sunil, CEO of Burjeel, and Dr. Faisal Khan, CEO of OncoHelix, sign up for the new alliance to launch a specialist lab in the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

A second entity will expand on Burjeel’s existing research program and analyze cancer patients’ genomic and immune signatures.

As part of academic roles at the University of Calgary, OncoHelix’s scientists and clinicians have been involved in translational research with over 350 publications in major scientific journals. They have developed ‘impactful precision oncology and immunology pipelines’ aimed at improving clinical outcomes for cancer patients and transplant recipients.

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Burjeel Holdings is one of the largest healthcare services providers in the MENA region with a network of 61 assets, including 16 hospitals and 23 medical centers, as well as pharmacies. Its Laboratory Services arm – coLAB - operates a network of 12 laboratories, including four accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

OncoHelix has the highest number of clinically validated comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) panels for cancer in Canada.

This new venture will utilize the clinical and academic experience of OncoHelix Inc. to build a state-of-the-art laboratory, through which we will offer testing services not widely available in the UAE

- John Sunil of Burjeel Holdings

“We hope to solidify our position as a leading provider of complex care in the UAE and increase our capabilities to serve the country’s growing medical tourism market,” said John Sunil, CEO of ADX-listed hospital operator. “Burjeel Holdings continues to invest in and establish new partnerships that help promote the expansion of our translational research program and improve patient outcomes.”