• Users can now transfer money on the LuLu Money mobile app using the company’s MyPay MyCard (Ratibi card)
• LuLu Exchange currently facilitates salary processing for 50,000+ companies in UAE

In a major boost to fulfill the remittance needs of skilled and non-skilled employees in UAE, LuLu International Exchange has activated its MyPay My Card service (Ratibi card) as a payment option on its award-winning mobile app, LuLu Money.

The new feature has been integrated in compliance with the country’s laws & regulations and will benefit thousands of blue-collar workers who have no bank accounts and receive their salaries on their accounts linked to MyPay MyCard. Thanks to this new payment option, workers can now remit money via the app by entering their Ratibi card details, without having to visit the branch in person.

Terming the development an important step for workers across UAE, Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu International Exchange, says, “As a business aiming for financial inclusion in every sense of the word, we are dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate payment of wages & salaries in the UAE. We have been constantly striving to digitise our full range of services, and the integration of MyPay MyCard with the LuLu Money app will be a perfect solution for several of our customers, who would otherwise have had to depend on physical branches to meet their remittance needs.”

A leading money transfer and exchange house in the region, LuLu Exchange is presently tied up with 50,000+ businesses in the region to provide wage and salary administration services. Employees of these businesses who have MyPay MyCard can withdraw cash from ATMs across the UAE, apart from a slew of other offers and exclusive services.

The company has set up a dedicated customer helpline desk and back-end team to support customers during this time of crisis.

Customer care number: 600522204; Email: customer.care@luluexchange.com