Jatin Virmani, Business & Operations Manager, PR Immigration services, Dr. Sujith Menon - Chief Operating Officer - Glinks International, and Rohit Sethi - Director - ESS Global, during a session at Gulf News Immigration & Citizenship Exhibition(GNICE) 2023 at Anantara Downtown Dubai Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Those looking to study aboard will have greater success in securing placements if they demonstrate multiple skill sets, according to a UAE immigration expert.

Speaking as part of the ‘Study Abroad: Your Path to International Careers’ panel discussion at the Gulf News Immigration & Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) 2023, Rohit Sethi, Director, ESS Global said it’s easier for those with multiple skillsets to find employment in the current global job market.

“We are living in an era of skill mobility, the whole world is open to people with multiple skills,” he said. “The UK and Australia are good places to study and work for mature students too. There are no age limits when applying for student visas. Having multiple degrees won’t hinder your application either.”

Dr. Sujith Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Glinks International, answered questions on the best international places to study and recommended European countries for those looking to enter the medical field. “Georgia, Czech Republic and Hungary are known for their medicine qualifications, which are recognised globally so you can study there and work anywhere in the world after you graduate. The degrees are good to go, not to mention the cost of living is so much cheaper than other countries.”

Germany is also seeing an influx of applications says Sethi. “A lot of Germany's universities are giving 100 per cent scholarships for certain skill sets. The country is getting very popular with international students with one factor being the fact studying there is reasonably priced,” he said.

Jatin Virmani, PR Immigration services, Business & Operations Manager, also part of the panel, believes that student applications coming from the UAE are likely to lead to successful placements abroad thanks the nation’s low crime and strong medical background.

“The UAE is the best place for people to send students from, if they are looking to study abroad. This is because police checks and clear medical history is an important factor in the application process and they usually rank highly with people applying from the UAE.”

The event, now in its third year, welcomes visitors looking to learn about the process of moving abroad and also offers an exclusive networking opportunity with industry leaders in addition to the expert panel discussions.