James Michael Lafferty
James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygiene Holding Image Credit: Supplied

The dependence on Fine Hygienic Holdings’ (FHH) products in homes and leading facilities existed long before Covid-19 struck the world. As the pandemic drags on, people are growing increasingly cautious about staying safe from fearful diseases. At times like this, consumers and businesses have gravitated towards familiar products such as sterilised tissues, paper towels, hand towels, toilet paper and business solutions.

Fine Hygienic Holding has been a leader in the wellness and hygiene industry, and a manufacturer of hygienic products for over six decades. Fine Hygienic Holding is renowned in the MENA region for its diverse range of products including facial tissues, napkins, kitchen towels, toilet papers, baby diapers, adult briefs, and jumbo rolls. Recently, through its focus on wellness, sustainability and best practice in its production processes, Fine has diversified into new products — introducing a line of reusable face masks, gloves and disinfecting wet wipes — which is coming out soon — all protected by Livinguard technology from Switzerland as well as a new business line in disinfection solutions for commercial spaces and businesses.

Fine’s tissues and paper products are all sterilised using the patented sterilisation process SteriPro™ to ensure that only the most hygienic tissues are

offered to consumers every time. SteriPro™ uses an ultraviolet sterilisation process, which kills 99 per cent of germs, thus reducing the possibility of exposure to them. Furthermore, Fine has invested heavily in the automation of its manufacturing processes, which means that the tissues are untouched by human hands, to ensure that the consumers hands are the first to touch any of the tissue products, adding yet another layer of germ prevention and care, this has earned the brand the prestigious “Sterilised Brand of The Decade” Award from the Family Hygiene Institute — a prestigious collection of US medical and wellness professionals, operating under the auspices and guidance of the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) with the express purpose to promote proven hygiene practices, in the interest of advancing the health and wellness of families across the globe.

As the only hygiene and wellness group to have its sterilised paper products endorsed by the MWA, Fine Solutions, the away-from-home division of Fine Hygienic Holding, has designed a hospital hygiene programme in collaboration with MWA to endorse the hospitals and clinics exclusively in the MENA region. The programme aims at improving infection control by using sterilised and antiviral products. It will also raise the public awareness of healthcare institutions that pay considerable attention to the quality and the benefits of the products they source and use.

“We want to play an important role in improving the well-being and health of the communities we serve in by educating consumers and the healthcare sector on the benefits of using sterilised paper products and antiviral personal protection equipment (PPE) for their staff and patients,” said James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygiene Holding. “We also want to let patients know the institutions that take the extra measures in this regard. We currently have more than 500 healthcare facilities enrolled in our hospitals and clinic hygiene endorsement programmes across the region, and we are proud to be the first group to build such an incredible network.”