Emarat is finding it difficult to get bank loans to enable it continue to sell petrol below the cost, so it's trying to ration the limited quantity of gasoline it has. Image Credit: Javed Nawab/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Dubai-based petroleum products retailer Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) said on Thursday that a problem in the supply of fuel to some stations was due to "technical problems in the logistics supplies of gasoline product in the major reservoirs."

In a statement issued through WAM, Emarat said that the "maintenance problem was resolved today (Thursday) and the situation will return to normal in all service stations with effect from Friday."

On Wednesday, some petrol stations of Emarat in Dubai were reportedly running short on petrol stocks.

An attendant at Shaikh Zayed Road Emarat station confirmed to Gulf News at about 5pm on Wednesday that the Special 95 category of gasoline had dried out at their pump, though the sales of Super 98 were continuing.

S.H., an expatriate living in the UAE, told Gulf News that he went on Wednesday to an Emarat petrol station located between the 3rd and 4th intersections on Shaikh Zayed road to fuel his car only to be told by a pump attendant that there was no petrol.

"There was no Special 95 or Super 98 available at the petrol station. The station was empty. The pump attendant told me that there was a problem at the Jebel Ali main pump. Finally, I had to fill up the fuel tank of my car at a crowded Eppco station located near Dnata on the Shaikh Zayed road," he added.

Various petrol grades across the pumps in the UAE currently sell in a price range of Dh1.61 to Dh1.83 per litre.