The Zakum Crestal Gas Injection Project carried out by the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co (Adma-Opco) is nearing completion.

The project began three years ago as a means of enhancing recoerable reserves by injecting gas from the Umm Shaif field into the Zakum reservoirs to achieve higher productivity.

"Major fabrication and installation works carried out over the past few months in the Zakum and Umm Shaif fields will open the final stages preceding the completion of the ambitious Zakum Crestal Gas Injection project, executed on behalf of Adnoc and the other shareholders," said Majid Mohammed Al Suwaidi, manager of the Zakum Asset Unit.

"It is anticipated that the project will be completed by April." Daniel Lemarchand, manager for facilities engineering, said this was a fast track project which allowed, among other things, construction work (including offshore campaigns) to proceed during detailed engineering phases.

In December 2002, a new 10-kilometre gas injection pipeline was installed connecting Zakum's gas injection platform to an injection well-head tower deck which was removed and brought to the National Petroleum Construction Co (NPCC) yard for onshore modification.

It was re-installed last month. Several technical milestones were also achieved since the project got underway.

They include installation of the thickest pipeline ever (14-inch diametre), a first in the UAE offshore, and the installation of the highest pressure/capacity compressor in Adma-Opco facilities. The Zakum project also involved other unique features.

It involved installation of 70 kilometres of cables, 22 kilometres of pipes and 5,500 tonnes of associated materials and equipment from nine countries.