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Walid Yehia

What is Dell planning to bring to the table at Gitex Global and what are its expected takeaways from the event?

Gitex Global 2022 will serve as an opportunity for us to showcase our top-of-the-line infrastructure solutions, including multi-cloud, digital workplace, data security and finance solutions. Through our utilisation of IT simplicity and innovation, businesses within the region will be able to accelerate their digital transformation journeys while building dexterity and resilience.

Our partners will have a stand to showcase our integrated solutions portfolio that spans edge, core and cloud. Some of our flagship Alienware gaming products with activations will also be on show. Dell Technologies aims to leave those at Gitex Global 2022 with solutions to the challenges they face given our new digital reality.

What have Dell’s recent contributions been to Quantum Computing and metaverse and how much of this will be on show at Gitex Global?

We are witnessing the emergence of so many exciting new technologies that are changing the way businesses, industries, and even societies operate. To fulfill the demands of recent years, we have seen the development of multi-cloud, AI/ML, quantum computing, 5G, the metaverse, and edge.

As two of the biggest and most anticipated innovations for the future, uses for Quantum Computing and the rapidly expanding metaverse will be showcased at Gitex Global 2022. Dell Technologies’ end-to-end infrastructure solutions and AI/ML Ops solutions make it well-positioned to contribute to the foundational layer of and accelerate entry into the metaverse.

Various industries will be able to tap into the metaverse to create truly immersive experiences for consumers, from retail to gaming, healthcare, and other verticals.

As a global tech brand, how is Dell guiding the narrative for nascent technology with decision makers from the UAE and region and helping the technology sector to mature and grow?

Dell Technologies has always strived to engage with regional leaders, partners and customers. Dell’s infrastructure solutions are part of a strategy to provide technologies that support the growth and vision of businesses in the region. The technologies will support the UAE and wider region along their digital transformation journeys, allowing for innovation without interruption.

We believe that innovation happens at the intersection of people and technology.

As two of the biggest and most anticipated innovations for the future, uses for Quantum Computing and the rapidly expanding Metaverse will be showcased at Gitex Global 2022

- Walid Yehia, General Manager, UAE, Dell Technologies

That is why we play our part by providing organisations with the technological expertise to support their growth. We seek to become the region’s most trusted advisor within the technology industry, providing services and solutions to propel customers into the next phase of digital transformation and the next digital universe. Technology continuously plays a bigger role in our lives, and we are seeing innovation like never before. Dell Technologies provides the framework for those who wish to innovate without the boundaries previously imposed by limiting technologies.

Our commitment is to aiding new technological innovations as well as contributing to them by creating new digital spaces and technologies.

What is Dell’s Client Solutions Group offerings all about?

The shift from traditional to more flexible and technology-encompassing ways of operating has altered everything from everyday tasks to how we function in our personal lives. Technologies had to be developed to accommodate this shift in culture, to become more performance-driven, manageable, reliable and secure.

Dell Technologies’ Client Solutions Group offerings prepare workforces to maintain their competitive advantage in this new economy by allowing for newfound possibilities. It includes hardware, software, monitors and peripherals, rugged products, and more. They empower organisations to work how they feel is best.

How is Dell changing its approach to technology while being mindful of hybrid workspace requirements in a new world order post-Covid?

The world post-pandemic has entirely different needs, and workplaces are one of the many spaces where major changes can be seen. For technology to be effectively integrated into a hybrid workspace, it must address new work model needs. At Dell Technologies, our mission is to create technologies that drive human progress. But progress doesn’t just happen, people make it happen.

According to a recent Dell Technologies Breakthrough Study, 73 per cent of all employees say their business needs to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to work in a flexible environment.

In our parts as digital advocates, we play an instrumental role in bringing our deep technological expertise to empower teams to capitalise on the opportunity in front of them.

Dell Technologies helps workforces excel in adopting a hybrid work environment by enabling them to create a successful modern workspace that works for them. Right from our products to our services, we ensure this ethos is reflected by optimising performance, security, reliability, manageability, and design.