Fardad Zand, CEO Image Credit: Supplied

As the world of decentralized finance moves to the UAE, innovators are rising to meet the emerging needs of digital asset traders in the UAE and around the world.

Wisdomise AI Labs is leveraging the power of crowdsourced knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize trading and wealth management for everyone. With an initial offering of non-custodial crypto portfolio optimization, Wisdomise builds tools for easy access to world-class asset management.

Co-Founders CEO Fardad Zand, CTO Mo Najafi, and CMO Arash Jalali were inspired by the rapid growth of the decentralized ecosystem developing in the region and decided to build Wisdomise between its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and its core team in Dubai. They saw the new Crypto Wall Street as a launchpad for solving some of the most persistent challenges in the accelerating industry. Chief among these challenges is inefficiencies in web3 and decentralized economies.

Ultimately, emerging markets like cryptocurrencies are complex and dynamic. They require deep knowledge to make sense of markets, products, and trends. Zand, Jalali, and Najafi realized that they could use AI to help people interact with web3 and decentralized ecosystems in better, smarter ways. For example, a thriving crypto portfolio requires a large amount of research, a detailed strategy, and some luck. This means that a significant portion of investors in the UAE and beyond are unable to generate value from the global decentralized marketplace unless they invest considerable time conducting deep research and experimenting with often costly unknowns. This is where Wisdomise comes in.

The Wisdomise team brings their AI-based trading platform to market this summer with their first offering Horos. The plug-and-play CeFi trading tool helps anyone maximize value from their crypto holdings with a powerful Artificial Intelligence on the backend. Wisdomise is already looking to the future and laying the foundation for Nommos, its DeFi trading tool, as well as building an expansive suite of products to generate more value for investors on Crypto Wall Street and around the world.

To do this Zand, Jalali, and Najafi brought a truly international team of thought leaders into Dubai. These include Wall Street, crypto, and consulting experts from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and McKinsey. Wisdomise’s board of advisors includes researchers, practitioners, and consultants from leading institutes such as MIT, UPenn, Boston University, and Roland Berger. This led them to become one of the most highly valued startups in the Middle East and set them on a path towards becoming a leader in web3, decentralized economy, and DeFi, with the pre-seed funding investment from VentureSouq (VSQ).

CEO Fardad Zand says, “Dubai has rapidly become a global hub and major launchpad for web3 startups; favorable and adapting regulatory environment, access to smart capital, relative proximity to major web3 tech talents in both Europe and South-East Asia, and strong infrastructure foundations all make UAE a great destination for web3 entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses and import their ideas from there globally.”

CMO Arash Jalali adds, “The UAE is leading in terms of blockchain projects and crypto regulation. Dubai has opened a space to freely explore the possibilities of web3. The city is no longer a space for start-ups alone as global industry leaders like Binance have already set strong roots in Dubai. It became clear to us that this is the place where Wisdomise will make its debut, in the heart of Crypto Wall Street.”