Future Data Summit Awards Ceremony for web

QNA Marcom presented the Future Data Summit & Awards 2023, in partnership with CyberSecurity Council, UAE, and supported by e& enterprise. The most anticipated data driven event concluded on a grand note at the Address Marina, Dubai, on March 8. The event hosted 200+ Chief Data Officers, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Data Scientists, Analytics Executives, and IT decision makers from the UAE who implemented the best data management practices and customer-centric organisational cultures.

Sharing his insight on the event, the esteemed guest of honour, Dr Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security Council UAE, says, “Today data is considered one of the major and most important assets in any nation, entity, or corporate organisation, for that making sense of this data & analysing it for the best decision-making is our goal. With data comes privacy, secrecy, confidentiality, and protection of this data. That’s why cybersecurity is working with all the major entities to provide a high level of protection. The first line of defense is the human factor and we need to spread that culture for cybersecurity."

The first keynote was delivered by Frida Kleimert Knibbs, Security Sales Director at IBM MEA, on the cost of data breach and how to prevent it. She shared her insights and experiences on the impact of data breaches and the steps that organisations can take to prevent them.

The second Keynote was presented on the topic, Data Surface Protection Management by Patrick Ramseyer, Managing Director, MEA, at Getvisibility, an expert in data classification. He shared his insights and experiences on the importance of protecting data surfaces to prevent breaches and safeguard sensitive information.

The third keynote was presented on the subject, Manage applications and data everywhere across hybrid multi-cloud environments, by Farid Najjar, an expert in cloud computing. He shared his insights and experiences on how organizations can manage their applications and data across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The fourth keynote was presented on Unboxing the Blackbox: Averages to AI, by Nita Mathur, Senior Faculty, Ambeone DMCC for Data Science & Analytics, an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Mathur shared insights and experiences on the inner workings of AI algorithms and how they can be better understood and applied.

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The final keynote was presented on the topic titled Smart Data is the Foundation of the Metaverse, by Ellis Wang, an expert in virtual and augmented reality, who shared his insights and experiences on the potential of intelligent data to transform how we experience the world.

The event also witnessed three engaging panel discussions. The first was on Curating a Data-Centric Organization. Incredibly insightful, the discussion's one key takeaway was the need for organisations to have a culture of data-driven decision-making, where data is integrated into every aspect of the business.

The second panel engaged the subject, Data is powering AI & ML for creating more excellent business value, and was a truly enlightening experience. The panelists, experts in the field of AI and ML, shared their insights and experiences on how data is driving innovation and creating new opportunities for businesses.

The final panel was on Ethical Framework for AI & Smart Data, and was a thought-provoking experience for guests. The panelists, who were experts in the field of AI and data ethics, shared their insights and experiences on how we can ensure that AI and smart data are used ethically and responsibly.

The outstanding event also honoured top companies from the region for their noteworthy innovations and implementations.

Future Data Awards 2023

Best Govt. Big Data Initiative - Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Center

Best Govt. Data Enablement Program - Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Best IFP Project - Statics Center Abu Dhabi

Best Predictive Analytics Awards - Abudhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC)

Best Data Security Initiative - Emirates Policy Center

Best AI/ML Project- ADNOC Distribution

Best RPA Excellence Award - RAKEZ

Best Data Implementation Project - RAK Ports

Most Innovation Data Award - National Data Center

Outstanding Contribution to Technology Sector - Cyber Security Council, UAE

Best Enterprise Data Management Vendor - NetApp

Best Cloud Networking Vendor - D-Link

Best Data Visibility Vendor - GetVisibility

Best AI/ML Data Solution Provider - e& enterprise IOT & AI

Best Managed Service Provider - Atos

Best Cloud Distributor - Ingram Micro

Best Data Analytics Initiative - UnionCoop

Best Data Warehouse Initiative - Emirates National School

Best Data Science Program - Middlesex University

Best AI/ML Training Program Initiative - Ambeone DMCC

Best Data Governance Initiative - Mantrac CAT

Best Business Intelligence Initiative - Zulekha Hospitals

Best Digital Retail Project - Sharaf Retail

Best Data Storage Project - Aster Hospitals

Best Data Center Security Initiative- Royal Catering Service

Best Technical Implementation for AI - The British University

Best Innovative CX Award - Virgin Mobile UAE

Best Enterprise Data Management - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Best Metaverse Project - Depa United Group

Best Data-Driven Organization - Gargash Group

Best Digital Transformation Project - Emirates Hospital Group

Chief Data Officer of the year - Awad Al- Siddiq (ADNOC Distribution)

Chief Data Scientist of the year - Faten Abdullatif (RTA)

The event was organized and hosted by QNA Marcom in Partnership with Cyber Security Council UAE, Supporting Partner e& Enterprise and Event sponsors, Atos, Ingram micro, Netapp, Logitech, Get Visibility & D-Link