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The Dubai Dolls, our favourite luxury, home-grown, vegan beauty brand has just launched their new fragrances called “The Self Love Collection”.

On January 20, 2022, The Dubai Dolls released the newest addition to their luxury beauty line, The Self Love Collection (floral, sweet and oud based fragrances) is retailed for $125 each at and shipped worldwide. These fragrances are proudly made 100% in the UAE with the right balance of high-end, truly exceptional ingredients and enhanced with luxurious oils from Italy.

The mesmerizing scents represent the three stages of Love: Flirt, Smitten and Taken! The Self-Love collection will take you on an aromatic journey of falling in love. The fragrances are carefully crafted with blended ingredients to evoke feelings, moods and memories. Indulge in these luxurious signature scents designed for self-care and self-love. Perfect to be layered and worn from day to night – they beautifully capture, represent and enhance the essence of love!

“We have been so excited to enter the world of fragrances because we feel like perfumes are all about experiences. A scent becomes part of you. It makes you feel powerful and confident whilst evoking all sorts of emotions and feelings in you and connecting with memories. Perfumes are timeless and boundless,” say Priya Judge and Gayatri Sagar, The Dubai Dolls.

About the fragrances:


How flirtatious can you be?

Floral and Sweet.

A playful amalgamation of sweet and spicy.

Top notes of Honey seduced by the beauty of Bulgarian Rose and Peony. Let the accent of pink pepper unveil the naughtiness in you!

Key Notes: Bergamot, peony and pink pepper.

Personality: Flirt, seductive and playful



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Fall madly in love with.... yourself!


An intoxicating warm yet wild fusion of floral and oriental notes.

A sensuous blend of a bouquet of roses and orange blossom that will leave you smitten.

Key notes: Rose, tonka bean, orange and mandarin, heliotrope.

Personality: Daring, spontaneous and madly in love.



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Powdery and Oriental.

Be Taken by your confidence and self-love.

A powerful and intense fragrance highlighted with a woody finish.

A powdery scent triggered by the softness of Jasmine and the depth of Saffron and Amber.

Key notes: Saffron, jasmine and amberwood.

Personality: Confident, powerful and determined.