Swiss pharma company Acino sheds light on the high risks associated with cardiovascular diseases in the Middle East. Recently, the company introduced its first locally made drug. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Early prevention of dyslipidemia – a state where an individual has an abnormal level of cholesterol and other lipids – is key to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, said Abdulla Shehab, Consultant in Interventional Cardiology and Chief Editor of Emirates Medical Journal.

“Cardiovascular disease is an important focus area in the UAE, as the recent increase in the Middle East’s CVD-associated mortality rate is among the highest in the world,” said Shehab.

Acino, a provider of pharmaceutical products and services in the region, recently held a CVD Summit at the Swiss Pavilion, Expo, to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease (CVD). “Our goal is to deliver a positive impact wherever we operate,” said Andrew Bird, General Manager and Head of Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Acino. “By bringing together the UAE’s leading experts on cardiovascular disease, we hope to raise awareness and find new approaches to its prevention and treatment.

The CVD summit is one of the company’s recent efforts aimed at expanding its regional presence started in July last, when Acino partnered with the UAE-based Pharmax for the licensing, manufacturing, and supply of select Acino products. The summit included the launch of Acino’s first locally manufactured medicine produced under this partnership agreement. The anti-cholesterol drug is used for the prevention and treatment of CVD.

“Claiming more than 18 million lives annually, cardiovascular disease is the first cause of death everywhere and unfortunately, the Middle East is no exception,” said Jean-Luc Eiselé, CEO at the World Heart Federation. “We advocate for fair access to prevention, treatment and care. Our collaboration with key partners, such as Acino, is crucial if we want to achieve cardiovascular health for everyone.”