Shuraa Group
Shahid Rather, the Managing Partner of Shuraa Group Image Credit: Supplied

Shahid Rather, the Managing Partner of Shuraa Group, has announced the next steps for the expansion of the company. This global entity that specialises in end-to-end corporate solutions are constantly adding brand new services, ensuring that investors coming to Dubai, experience top-notch services.

In keeping with his plans to meet the increasing needs of a global clientele, Shahid Rather foresees a great boost in the upcoming fiscal year. He is expecting the significant impact of upcoming events, such as FIFA 2022 on UAE’s economy and Shuraa’s strategic placement in fulfilling the needs that will arise alongside with it.

His goals for Shuraa Group to be the one-stop solution for business and lifestyle in Dubai have broadened to include a global education consultancy vertical, external auditing services, and the introduction of cryptocurrency payment options.

In his words, “Dubai is about to open its doors to people across the world. And we want to make sure that they stay for the right reasons. Shuraa is constantly aware of the needs of investors and entrepreneurs. And we want to make sure that we fulfil them to the best of our abilities. This is why we have added necessary services like external auditing and crypto as payment to our ever-increasing offerings.

The post-covid bounce has also seen an influx of students from the UAE and India exploring educational options in the UK. Shuraa, with its global presence in all three nations aims to build a global connect for young people seeking better opportunities, through its education consultancy vertical.”

Shuraa Education: Connecting talented minds

Shuraa Education, the group’s educational consultancy chapter, has been introduced with the aim to connect talented students to global academic institutions. Waseem Rather, Director – UK Operations, said, “Shuraa recognises the importance youth play in shaping the future. We want to become the stepping stone from which they attain all their goals.”

Shuraa Education boasts academic ties with over 170 academic institutions in the UK. The aim is to connect students in the UAE and India to institutions in the UK. Not only that, Shuraa Education offers end-to-end services such as Course Selection Guidance, Student Visa & Accommodation, Financial Support, Interview & Exam Counselling, and Scholarship Assistance.

Boosted by an experienced team of study abroad experts and guidance counsellors with over 20 years of collective industry presence, they ensure that students can focus on their academic journey without distractions.

Bringing in auditing services

The UAE, in its aim to integrate itself with the top global economic policies, will require business entities to conduct regular audits. Companies are recommended to conduct annual audits to ensure accuracy of financial statements and precise tax reports. The implementation of Corporate Tax from 2023, will also increase the necessity of audits to avoid errors and fines.

Keeping this in mind, Shuraa will start auditing services under SMC Auditors, LLC, offering a full range of services including Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Stock Audit, Business Valuation Services, Liquidation reports & Emirates Post Certification. Shuraa’s auditing services are an add-on to an already impressive list of financial solutions like VAT, tax, accounting and book-keeping.

Shuraa will offer reliable and assured external auditing services, while maintaining the accuracy of a company’s financial statements. Both UAE mainland and specific free zone business are expected to have their financial accounts audited regularly and maintain records dated up to at least five years.

Crypto payment service to begin from October 2022

As UAE’s no. 1 business setup experts, Shuraa believes in leading by example. The company is among the first to establish futuristic services by accepting cryptocurrency payments from October 2022, through a strategic collaboration established with crypto services provider Binance. The move to initiate crypto payments for services provided was done with the intention of increasing interaction with tech-savvy entrepreneurs. After all, modern times call for modern solutions.

The introduction of crypto payments will allow us to reach entrepreneurs from an increased number of countries that prefer cashless systems of transactions. Investors get flexibility of payment & transparency of exchange when they opt for crypto transfers. With such an acceleration, Shuraa is keen to mark its presence in the budding Web3 movement.